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From: Aphaia <> 
:To: Mailinglist of Japanese Wikipedia <>
Subject: Re: [WikiJA-l] Election 2006 / 第3回理事選挙
Date: Sep 13, 2006 8:32 PM

In the midst of voting period, we Election Officials made a list of voters by language. I am a bit worried about votes from ja is extelemely low in number, though it has a large user population.

Why you don't vote;
since you know no one among canidates,
since you think all of them inappropriate, and decide not to vote,
since you are not interested in the Foundation operation nor its future development,
since you don't like the Foundation (some of editors on the other language projects says so explicitely),
since you haven't been aware now you are invited to vote (it happened once on a Fundraising, so it may happen again),
since you wouldn't like Aphaia to know your IP address (OMG; it doesn't sound nice, but just for your reminder)  
From: 広嗣 <>
Date: Sep 13, 2006 9:35 PM

First of all, as a translator into Japanese, even not so much involved, I am afraid how many people would read "candidates' presentations". In Japan, in my opinion trustees' work might be thought as "upper level tasks", and most of people might avoid making decision and only follow what those leaders decide or only complain either publicly or secretly.


From: NAKAZATO Takeshi <>
Date: Sep 14, 2006 1:07 AM

[...]I think why I have not voted yet. 

> since you know no one among canidates,

It is my most important reason not to have done it. Whilst I've read candidates' presentations, I do not know either what kind of opinions they have held actually or what kind of actions they have made, and I have no capacity to check those in other languages. In other words, I found myself not to be enabled to do nothing more than popular poll per their presentation.


My impression on
is that few candidates do describe what they have ever been involved with management of the Foundation in detail.

> since you are not interested in the Foundation operation nor its future development

I am not indifferent, I think, however I have a full time job, and foundation-l is for me too high in traffic, specially I have difficulties with postings written with odd slangs. [...]

In my observation, no one except you Aphaia is capable to read Japanese discussions among those who are involved into operational issues of the Foundation. It is not benefical for Japanese projects that the Foundation activities are hard to know or voices are hardly reaching to the Foundation; benefical(?) on the other hand that no problems may arise even if no one keeps eyes to the Foundation activities, since Japanese projects may not be affected except by Wikimedia official policies nor new imprementations of MediaWiki.  

I prefer not to vote and accept other thoughtful people's decisions to cast a vote based on my own but judgement on poor information. I don't imagine it bring problems, and I guess I wouldn't be more than happy, even if the candidate I would vote becomes the winner.


I presume that things would have been completely different, depending on that if there is/are candidate(s) who are active on voters' project(s). If an editor involved into Japanese projects were running, I as Japanese would vote. 
From: M-Falcon Sky <>
Date: Sep 14, 2006 9:32 PM
Subject: Re: [WikiJA-l] Election 2006 / 第3回理事選挙

Thank you for your works, Election officials.


I voted after reading their presentations (not urged by Aphaia's post).

I would like to comment (though I did vote: added by Aphaia), I did not evaluate assuredly candidates' opinions, since I don't know details of the Foundation activities.


From: Shun Fukuzawa <>
Date: Sep 21, 2006 1:32 AM


I regularly contribute Japanese Wikiepedia for a year though, I have no clear idea what the Foundation a/o Board members are doing in which standpoint. Well, I can uderstand they may manage to set up (hardware?) infrastructure and around, but in other scenes I have no occasion to notice their activities. I feel (Japanese Wikipedia) admins rather influential. If I am involved into meta and around, I would notice Board more influencial, as long as my activities are within Japanese Wikipedia, I think seldom I have occasions to consider their activities. In that situation I have failed to vote, having little interest (in Board Election).

The above is not my opinion, rather my mood. In my opinion, I would like to add it would be expected to compensate such divergence between user community and Board members a/o the Foundation. Or it would be my own challenge? Now I think it would be a difficult challenge.