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This bot archives discussion pages based on the latest timestamp in a thread. The timing of archiving, among other configuration options, are configured page by page using a template: see mw:Manual:Pywikibot/ for more. The bot runs everyday (with some exceptions); a page will be visited and checked for old sections once in a run. To not flood RecentChanges, it waits 10 seconds or longer between edits.

Wiki Automatic? Frequency Flagged? Interval
meta Yes Daily Yes (verify) 7 s
commons Yes Daily Yes (verify) 10 s
enwb Yes Daily Yes (verify) 10 s
envoy Yes Every 3 days Yes (verify) 10 s
jawiki Yes Daily Yes (verify) 10 s
jawikt No Unscheduled No 10 s

Note: the table above might be outdated; for up-to-date information see the codes in the repository.


Problem on a certain page[edit]

When you find it not working on a particular page only, chances are that you are using the template in the wrong way. Please consult mw:Manual:Pywikibot/ first. You might want to check error logs available at to diagnose.

Problem across pages and/or wikis[edit]

Use the talk page, email or try finding a maintainer listed at

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This is a Pywikibot instance.

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