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Nice to meet you here in Wikimedia projects.

First of all, please allow me to introduce myself briefly. I am from Mainland China, and I registered as a user on June the First of 2017. But actually, I became a reader for about 4 years before the time when I register. I always get information from Wikipedia, those which I receive from it made great impacts on me, some of them gave me vital help as well. It provides me more comprehensive, relatively more neutral information, and supplemented lacked information caused by censorship in Mainland China. Today, Wikipedia had already become one of my major sources. I want to express my thanks sincerely to all contributors to Wikipedia.

I am glad to became one of Wikimedian editors today. I mainly contribute to Chinese Wikipedia. I would like to make my effort to make it better together with you, my colleagues, in order to help more people understanding the world and make the world better.




Relevant Links 相关链接[edit]

  • My user page on Chinese Wikipedia 我在中文维基百科上的用户页
    This page which you are reading now was created in Meta-Wiki, it will be shown at all projects of Wikimedia except Chinese Wikipedia in theory. The link above is to my user page in Chinese Wikipedia. There are some differences between these two, but they are both bilingual in Chinese and English.
  • My Contribution 我的贡献