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Dear Clients, Special Greeting from my divine core & from the prosperous Himalayan country Nepal! Ms.Lara! It is not a fixed schedule and package programs it is just for your information and your concentration. It was very nice to talk about spiritual tour which you would like to Nepal and my oddity also same so I am very much pleasure to offer below variety of spiritual tour. Please kindly prefer and suggest me which one is the best as per your interest & schedule? Spiritual Tour in Nepal: Nepal with its rich cultural heritage has much more to offer the extraordinary hospitality, warm and generous people with their authentic religion; Hinduism or Buddhism. Beside to merge with the almighty Nepal Himalayas there are many visitors who come to Nepal for spiritual tour. I would like furnish option to choice of spiritual/ religious activities such as Meditation and Yoga to purify the mind and body and to attain perfect health as well as to achieve spiritual solace. I would like to offer some spiritual journey to the high Himalayan ranges at Muktinath, Gosaikunda also in Everest region. 1. Meditation: I would like to suggest some Yoga/Meditation program who wants to be efficient and strong from the mind in their professional field, life-style, daily activities, by balancing in their hand/heart and head (mind). Actually those people who are advanced in physical facilities, most of them are far from cultural/spiritual (inner) values. This crux of problems needs to solve by attaining Yoga/Meditation course so as to strengthen them in uniform direction in hand, head and heart. I can suggest you three basic sort of meditation I. Vipasana Meditation: Vipassana is one of the most ancient was rediscovered by Gautam Buddha more than 2500 years ago. Vipassana means 'to see things as they really are'. It is an art of living which frees the individual from all the negativities of mind, such as anger, greed and ignorance. It is a practice which develops positive, creative energy for the betterment of the individual and society. II. Buddhist Meditation at Kopan Monastery: Kopan and practice throughout the year. These courses give a theoretical and practical introduction to Buddhist philosophy of the Tibetan Mahayana Tradition. They are based on one of the principal teachings of this tradition called 'The Graded Path to Enlightenment' (Lam Rim). The courses combine lectures and teachings with meditation practice and discussion of relevant topics in a more informal way. A three day retreat with intensive guided meditation on the Graded Path to Enlightenment follows the course. The course is led by a Western nun with daily teachings from a Tibetan Lama, combining two styles of transmission of this precious knowledge on how to make life meaningful and worthwhile.

III. Osho meditation: Osho Tapoban lies in the western side of Kathmandu. It is about twelve kilometers from Tribhuwan International Airport, about ten kilometers from Kathmandu city center and six kilometers from Balaju New Bus Park. Osho Tapoban is the place to be, the place where one can get inner peace, explore yourself in a meditative environment and a place that will remain in your heart for ever and you won't afford to miss this place. Love is not enough, awareness is needed. If love is there without awareness it becomes imprisonment and if love is there with awareness it becomes a freedom. 2. Yoga: Yoga = 'Unity', 'Oneness'. Came from the Sanskrit word "YOG" which means "TO JOIN". image of postures (Asanas) to develop flexibility, general body To many, the thought of yoga has an health and awareness. This is just the beginning. While the main point is to reach the highest goal of the spiritual path, practicing yoga can give benefits to everyone regardless to their spiritual aims. The Eight Fold Path of Yoga looks deeply into the morality of living. It consists of: Yama (self restraints), Niyama (self observances) Asana, Pranayama (breath techniques), Pratyhara (withdrawal of the senses), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (identification with pure consciousness). There is an inter-relationship between yoga and meditation and you can decide to focus more on either one or both together. The Himalayas have played a big role in self realization. It's isolation from the world and ideal environment makes Nepal an ideal place to practice yoga.

3. Spiritual Journey:

(I) Holy trip to Muktinath: Muktinath is one of the high altitude religious sites in the Himalayas. A short flight to Jomsom from Pokhara takes you to the starting point of the trek to Muktinath. Here at Muktinath lies the holy temple and the 108 water spouts. You will also see earth, fire and water come together where the eternal flame burns night and day, giving the place an aura of mystery.

Suggested Itinerary Day Activities Day 1 Arrive in Kathmandu transfer to the hotel Day 2 Religious tour in Kathmandu. Day 3 Fly to Pokhara & guided religious tour in Pokhara Day 4 Fly to Jomsom. Day 5-8 Religious tour/trek in Muktinath. Day 9 Fly Jomsom/Pokhara/Kathmandu. Day 10 Fly Jomsom/Pokhara/Kathmandu. Day 11 Religious tour in Kathmandu. Day 12 International departure.

(II) Holy Trip to Lumbini ( the birth place of Lord Bhuddha) : A great religious holiday at your own leisure pace, visiting historical places in and around Kathmandu Valley in the comfort of the best hotels. This fascinating tour takes you to the holy place at Lumbini, the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautam, the Shakya prince, the one and only ultimate Buddha, the Enlightened One, is the pilgrimage destination of the world's millions of people faithful to all schools of Buddhism. This historical site, identified by the Great Indian Emperor Ashoka's commemorative pillar is listed as World Heritage Site. Our scenic pilgrimage drive includes the best of the wonderful spots of Nepal with a visit to an enchanting Pokhara, nestled in the tranquil valley at 900m, is also the starting point for many of Nepal's most popular trekking destinations.

Suggested Itinerary Day Activities Day 1 Arrive in Kathmandu Day 2 Religious tour in Kathmandu. Day 3 Drive to Kurintar & visit Manakamana Temple by cable car. Day 4 Drive to Lumbini. Day 5-6 Tour in Kapilvastu, birth place of Lord Buddha. Day 7 Drive to Pokhara. Day 8 Guided religious tour in Pokhara. Day 9 Drive back to Kathmandu. Day 10 Religious tour in Kathmandu. Day 11 International departure.

(III) Holy trip to Gosainkunda :

Gosainkunda, a famous pilgrimage site in the Langtang region is 60 km north of Kathmandu. Hindus flock to the holy Gosaikunda Lake during the full moon in August despite the bad weather this time of year. This region falls in the trekking route to Langtang and tea houses can be found all along the trek. Legend speaks of a devout Hindu who was bathing in the lake when his brass water vessel slipped out of his hand. It sank and disappeared from sight. It later miraculously re-appeared in the Khumbeshwor temple in Patan. Thus, there is a belief that an underground channel connects Gosaikunda with Khumbeshwor pond is unusually cold even in summer. Those who cannot make the trip to Gosainkunda visits Khumbeshwor temple for a bath in the pond. Suggested Itinerary Day Activities Day 1 Arrive in Kathmandu Day 2 Religious tour in Kathmandu. Day 3 Drive to Dhunche. Day4-10 Religious trek to Holy Gosainkunda Lake and back to Dhunche. Day 11 Drive back to Kathmandu. Day 12 International departure.

For more information please feel free to contact directly, Best Regards, Uttam kumar Email: tomtripathi@gmail.com Skype/Gtalk: tomtripathi