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Ayokanmi Oyeyemi
Ayokanmi Oyeyemi
Programs Director, Wikimedia Usergroup Nigeria
Whatever you are, be a good one

About me

I've been a Wikipedia volunteer since 2016; see Kaizenify. In my volunteer capacity, Wikimedia commons quality photos contributor & reviewer on english Wikipedia, typically devoting my time to review and fixing appropiate maintenance tags, as well as to writing occasional articles on Nigerian politics and whatever fascinates me at the moment.

My work

As the programs director at Wikimedia Nigeria, I monitor and build progress, overseeing Wikimedia Nigeria programs which include content campaigns, strategic editors recruitment, partnerships, capacity building and ensuring communication between volunteers, staff, partners, and other stakeholders. You can contact me if you have a question about Wikimedia Nigeria's activity or any of our specific projects. I've been working as a medical biochmist and photographer before I came to the idea of open knowledge.

Contact me

  • E-mail: ayokanmi(_AT_)
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