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14th August. 11 o clock. Introduction to hackathon. Ideas for projects.

With Jay for nop inserter.

Mentor mentee matching.

Contacted cyberpower regarding IABot

Spoke to Rohini regarding hackathon

Lingua Libra app

Spoke to wikijabber podcast

15th august. Cultural crawl, editathon. upload pics and videos

16th August Met User: 10 am key note by Maria Sefidari

John Andersson, ED wikimedia Sverige

Wikispeech TTS, wikigap. 900 people attending, 150 volunteers, 800 applied for scholarship. 50 volunteer selected..

Eric Luth About conference organisation

Keynote address – Michael Peter Edson

UN Live

13-14 Technical capacity in small wikis

learning tech stuff is difficulty. translation of templates search improvements... coming together

lets imagine the templates all together

15 hrs John Cummings Wikimedian in Residence for UNESCO What could Wikimedia’s relationship be to the Global Goals and the UN? Examples from UNESCO, including the FindingGLAMs project

15.30 Emanuel Karlsten Journalist, social media expert and digital advisor

Death and resurrection of Journalism How the controversial Copyright directive explained why journalism is worth funding

16.00 Mark Graham Director, Wayback Machine, Internet Archive

Toward Universal Access to All Knowledge The Internet Archive in support of the SDGs


digitize 1000 books/day goal 2000 books/day

controlled digital lending

link books to wikipedia.


Annika Söder State Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Implementing the 2030 Agenda The role of human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

16.30 Wikimedians and the Global Goals Panel with four prominent Wikimedians, relating the movement's work across the world with the Global Goals:

Anna Torres from Wikimedia Argentina

Thomas Schallhart, Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group

Li-Yun Lin, Wikimedia Taiwan

Felix Nartey, Open Foundation West Africa


locator tool


18th wikisource photography

19th Civil servant NATHAN - civil servant researcher. Internet creates value for everyone. Connect people with languages.

Cluebot, Huggle 3 vandalism

Stewart geiger, the rise and decline of an open collaboration system:

Research ethics

Risk routine duration: reversible /long-term

Consent Debriefing

Cornell university - ethics board

Open access all the research article

chance to remove from the dataset

data leak report to university ethics board

Collaborative design • experiment is Valuable • interventions that are practical

Community consent