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WikiCite, like other Wikimedia projects, is a community effort. No individual or organization can speak for all participants or contributors to the WikiCite project any more than for any other Wikimedia project.

However, there are some key communities, individuals, institutions, and partnerships which have broad recognition as originators, leaders, developers, contributors, and sponsors of various popular elements of Wikicite as a community movement.

Join discussion[edit]

  • Talk:WikiCite is the central Wikimedia location where major WikiCite announcements for any language or project should go.
  • WikiCite-Discuss Google Group is the email discussion group for quick group conversation
  • WikiCite on Twitter is for public-facing news
  • wikidata-l wikidata-l is the general Wikidata mailing list and may be relevant for broad discussion of WikiCite
  • Other conversation happens in many places and languages on Wikimedia projects!

Annual reports[edit]



  • Anyone can join! Share the credit! Be notified!

Community organizations[edit]

  • tool creators
  • certain Wikimedia chapters
  • Wikimedia user groups

Content contributors[edit]

  • Various universities
  • hosts of various open databases

Supporting organizations[edit]

The WikiCite community recognizes support for WikiCite from these organizations.