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Subject: Which languages are analyzed the poorest in search?


The search team at the Wikimedia Foundation is looking to improve the language analyzer used in search. The language analyzer is a bit of code that helps to improve search results by looking for language-specific features. For example, a search in German would make the query "äußerst" also search for "ausserst". This would hopefully result in more search results being returned that could be a match. There is a little more information in this discovery-l mailing list post by Dan Garry.

Part of this research is coming up with a short list of languages where search is not so good and looking into how we might improve them.

In your experience with search on Wikimedia projects, in what language do you experience the lowest rate of poor results?

You can reply to me here with your thoughts or privately via email.

As always, thank you for your feedback.


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While not explicitly translation related, I thought language-aware people like yourselves might be able to provide some guidance. Thank you for your time.