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Copy and paste, copy and paste. Have you ever wanted to have a single source of data that you could use across multiple wiki pages? Well we have a feature for you!

Tabular data, like what you'd experience in a spreadsheet, is now available on Wikimedia Commons and can be used across all Wikimedia projects. This means that you can create a single data source to be reused again and again.

For example. Here's a tabular dataset of New York City weather. A pretty standard table of data. However, if you combine it with Graphs, you can create an interactive bar chart a heat map, or even a nicely-formatted climate table - all from the same source.

That single dataset is used to create all three visualizations. Need to update the visualizations across multiple pages? Just update the tabular data on Commons. Like in our examples, data sets can be used in maps, Lua modules, or templates. The data can also be localized in multiple languages. The new interactive maps feature can also use data sources to prove extra layer on top of the map. Here's an example showing the habitats of the engendered Jemez Mountains salamander. Graphs can use tabular data to directly to visualize the data and let users interact with it. This GDP demo uses a map from Commons, and colors each segment with the data based on a data table.

Here's a few more examples:

To get started, try creating a data set on Commons. (Data:Sandbox/<username>.tab is a good suggestion). Don't forget the .tab extension, or it won't work!

For more information check out the help documentation for Tabular data and Map data. Feedback and questions are welcome.