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BOT generated Meta report. The bot reports here when:

  • More than 66% of the placing and addition of this link has been performed by one editor.
  • The user is adding more than 2 domains, but they all reside on the same server.
  • The links are exclusively added by IPs.
  • Several IPs are adding the link, but the IPs are in a close (/24) range.


User(s) earlier in report:

Site info and monitoring rules[edit]
  • Site (;
    • Base: '' (;
    • ContentBase: ;
    • Server: 'Microsoft-IIS/6.0';
    • Client response num: 1.
  • Link is not on the blacklist.
  • COIBot domainredlist search for link gives:
  • (User en:User:Duo535 is using mainly using links on server

Additions in database of this link.

  1. 2010-02-03 05:20:50 (UTC): User en:Duo535 (talk - contribs; 26) to en:12d Model (diff - undo - hist - NOT TOP - Not in top edit).
    Added links: (26 links added in this diff, hidden from view)
  • 2 edits in database, one edit shown, one edit hidden, see LinkReport.

Log entry for the Spam blacklist:

\b12d\.co\.uk\b                        # ADMINNAME # {{sbl-diff|#}}; see [[m:User:COIBot/Local/]]

Request Status for - Stale

See COIBot report for more details.--COIBot 05:46, 3 February 2010 (UTC)

No links left, all reverted. Marked stale. --COIBot 12:57, 12 February 2010 (UTC)