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The question is do you want to see your to-morrow?

Wikipedians Wikipedians healthy or sick?

The Wikipedians of care[edit]

There Wikipedians with mental illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia and other diseases we must be careful with these users for any word you can play against, especially when they spend so much on a website that is as if you were at home with his family.

you also have to consider how we should treat these users, since the actions of others can affect their moods (emotional) including: Removing a page created by one of these users. This action makes them think and feel they are not being well received by the rest of the community, others are unjust and others think that these users try to impersonate victims when the patient user claims about what did not seem right and you may even be ignored by the rest of the community.

The Plan[edit]

As explained above, this type of Wikipedians should receive special treatment, all Wikipedians love editing but often these users without meaning to insult other users which they say made them feel bad in any action on the issue, many take drugs but these do not help them much. A good idea would be to create The Wikipedian Mental Care and each user with a deficiency may be part of the project and create a freenode chat room where users can express their emotions in a good way and that has room operators on the other channels of the Wikimedia foundation. Wikipedia is a home and as a home to keep their citizens in good condition.

The Goal[edit]

through these deals that can provide these Wikipedians, these would feel more integrated into the community and Wikipedia would have:

  • increasingly active Wikipedians
  • Better edits and articles very well redacted
  • Top Volunteers