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This page is a translated version of the page User:DannyS712/Global watchlist/Translate and the translation is 29% complete.

Message translation for User:DannyS712/Global watchlist.js.

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Each message has a key, an explanation, and the actual message. The key refers to how the message is referred to by the script. Only the actual message is translated.

Global watchlist message translation
Key Message to translate
asOf As of $1
changesFeed Sites with changes
emptyFeed Sites with no changes
filter-anon बेनाम संपादन
filter-bot बाट संपादन
filter-either या तो
filter-not-anon Only edits made by logged-in users
filter-not-bot केवल नॉन-बाट संपादन
filter-not-minor Only non-minor edits
filter-only-anon केवल बेनाम किए गए संपादन
filter-only-bot केवल बाट संपादन
filter-only-minor Only minor edits
globalWatchlistBackLink Back to Global Watchlist
globalWatchlistLink वैश्विक ध्यानसूची
globalWatchlistSettingsLink सेटिंग्स
heading-globalWatchlist वैश्विक ध्यानसूची
heading-globalWatchlistSettings वैश्विक ध्यानसूची सेटिंग्स
markSeen-all Mark all sites as seen
markSeen-allConfirm Are you sure you want to mark sites as seen?
markSeen Mark as seen
notify-savingFailed Failed to save settings. Please try again
notify-redirecting Redirecting back to global watchlist...
option-confirmAllSites Require confirmation before marking all sites as seen
option-fastMode Load faster, at the expense of less detail
otherOptions Other settings
refresh Refresh
resetChanges Reset changes made
rewatch Rewatch
settings-error-anonbot Anonymous users cannot make bot edits
settings-error-anonminor Anonymous users cannot make minor edits
settings-error-badsites Invalid site(s): $1
settings-error-nochanges No change types selected
settings-error-nosites No sites selected
show-edits Show page edits
show-logEntries Show log entries
show-newPages Show new pages
siteList User defined site list
switch-dev Switch to development version
switch-stable Switch to stable version
title-globalWatchlist वैश्विक ध्यानसूची
title-globalWatchlistSettings वैश्विक ध्यानसूची सेटिंग्स
unwatch Unwatch