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Please be aware that from late February 2023 I have <a>abandonednot using (apart from logicistical clerking and not vanished) use of Djm-leighpark as my main account and switched to using DeirgeDel as my main account. Parts of the information below may not fully reflect that change. To be very clear DeirgeDel will take over articles, discussions where Djm-leighpark has worked so this is not a "clean start". (I think I recall seeing the term "abandoned" associated with "clean start" and I must emphasise "DeirgeDel is not a clean start).

Alternative accounts of Djm-leighpark: Djm-mobile; Bigdelboy; DeirgeDel; and DeirgeBot[edit]

Note: The DeirgeDel account was formerly operated under the name Deirge Ó Dhaoinebeaga until circa 15 February 2023

As of February 2023 I had some concerns about the touch-points between DeirgeDel and Djm-leighpark on Commons. Due to the linkage with Flickr DeirgeDel would need to be the survivor if a conflict of interest arises. If issues arise I ight need to take a local site block for Djm-leighpark or it might need a rename and retire globally of djm-leighpark. That's a big step but I might need to do it as some people might wish to accuse me of sockpuppeting. I'vm also minded DeirgeDel and Djm-leighpark can sometimes editing the same item on Wikidata, ... I dont think there's anything contentious going on.


  • Djm-leighpark. This was my main account, created on the English Wikipedia in January 2017. Also used on Commons, meta, WikiBooks, Wikidata & Simple English. Ultimately Deirge rose from Gaelic Encyclopedia and spread to Wikidata, Commons, Flickr, Github, Phabricator more by overall accident that plan and the case for everything being under Djm-leighpark being under DeirgeDel became overwhelming.


  • Created when found on public computers at Leigh Park Library that I was unwilling to use my main account Djm-leighpark but the IP editing was restricted, hence the reason for Djm-mobile for less secure communications.


  • Original account created 2010? but never used for editing until re-used to request a self-requested wikibreak. Subsequently re-purposed for bulk work as not quite of bot account with AWB. Also works on Wikibooks where has transwiki capability. Avoids my main account having excessive privileges and enables AWB not to be mixed with other contributions.


  • The Original purpose of the Deirge account was to edit in Gaeilge (Irish) on gaWikipedia ad to be isolated frompings from the English Wikipedia.. It ended up expanded beyond this and became my main account.
  • created following English Wikipedia indef block may when an IP (likely sock) pinged me about 57 times when Djm-leighpark was logged into commons in a likely what they felt was a grave dance at their victory, the overall purpose so I could in Gaelic on the :ga wikipedia without being distracted with off notifications from another Wiki. (Retrospectively preferences might have been adjustable to stop this). Deirge uses Gaelic only (well mostly only!) except on Wikidata especially relating to queries there and details about triples etc. A great advantage of Deirge is that it can operate select contained on the Gaelic Wikipedia (& commons & wikidata) ignoring alert pings etc. from the English Wikipedia. The use of Deirge has evolved interesting over time: A flickr account I sue for some pre-wikipedia pictures is under the Deirge monicker and Flickr2commons from there is always/(almost always?) by Deirge. A Project to Get the books on the Bibliography of Irish Rail transport loaded on Wikidata as book editions has sort of re-purposed into loading books on various Ireland, world railway and a scattering of other subjects as well, with Cite Q being checked on the Simple English Wikipedia and Deirge and Djm-leighpark dance together in this process. Deirge primary loads Irish Books and Irish language title description where needed and Djm-leighpark does it when not but there's exceptions everywhere. I have developed a spreadsheet which helps me load these via Wikidata. If a functionary has a problem here I'm open to we'll try to arbitrate a way forward (The name "Deirge" would need to survive in some form and "Djm-leighpark" to die but that causes as many issues as it solves. Again Functionary discussion if it becomes a big problem for someone.)
  • On or about 15 February 2023 account Deirge Ó Dhaoinebeaga was globally renamed to DeirgeDel. This relates to Deirge Ó Dhaoinebeaga continually barfing to set up a Phabricator account possibly due to the "Ó" (but equally possible for other reasons, DeirgeDel being set up as a GitHub account to report a UTRS barf for Djm-leighpark (it was alway my intention to get round to setting up a github account and I am toying with hosting some Wikipedia project there, and that would always be under DeirgeDel).
  • Whereas my previous "idea" of the Deirge account loading to Commons was that it would be for Irish related articles with Gaelic language translations with the creation of the associated Flickr account and because of commons picture competition concerns there are possibilities most image/video loads to commons from will be via the DeirgeDel account.

Tools are described here.


This is a bot account managed by DeirgeDel. As of 18 February 2023 it remains non-operational, but it might be at some point after that and hence it is declared here. It is designed to be operated as a pure bot account which (special bulk operations) Bigdelboy would fail. If operated It is mostly likely to operate on Wikidata via probably PWB in respect of item to Wikiquote article linking, reports, or organising something railway, watercourse, or book related.


  • I think I have edited a couple of times using an anon. IP generally by forgetting to log in. I think on the one of two occasions that happened before I've admitted I've edited as an IP by mistake. I'm reasonably sure no cases of this would come out of the woodwork, certainly nothing in a controversial situation. Update: I have done this accidently on a couple of occasions recently. Nothing in those cases were contentious and I've simply continued without admitting that was me (and not on the English Wikipedia) It's far more of a problem to me when this has happened than anything to do with block evasion or deliberate socking to gain an advantage ... simply me forgetting to ask myself why I'm being asked for a capitcha and concentrating on the answer to it and the contribution I'm trying in good faith to add.
  • Page under development, but any questions/problems please ping me.

Off Wiki[edit]

I claim I operate related accounts on phabriator, github etc broadly under the name DeirgeDel. If you see a problem there feel free to contact me. I claim the Flcikr account 196366907@N03 is operated by me and sometimes refers to actions on Wikipedia (sometimes with regards to commentary/actions with regards to NLI images).

09:01, 21 May 2023 (UTC) Due to the fact I am or may be talking to WLM co-ordinators for UK/Ireland I and while I may be participating in the campaign (ie taking photos of monuments I hereby state for 2023 at least I recuse from accepting prizes for in the event one of my photos should miraculously be good enough to reach that standard. Also on reflection I will recuse from any Commons photo competition prizes for 2023 though I may place entries for competitions - again I doubt my winning chances are anything but slim and I do such things for "fun" anyway and in WLM's case to improve the coverage of relevant monuments in photographs. I'll probably move this declaration to a page in commons at some point 09:01, 21 May 2023 (UTC)