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Bot function[edit]

Remove tracking parameters from the URL.

Actual implementation[edit]

Removes parameters from URL[edit]

Name of parameter Reference Notices
utm_id [1]
utm_source [1]
utm_medium [1]
utm_campaign [1]
utm_term [1]
utm_content [1]
utm_referrer [2]
utm_email [3]
gclid [4][5][6]
gclsrc [6]
dclid [7]
_r [8]
fbclid [9]
fbc [9]
fbp [9]
oly_enc_id [10]
oly_anon_id [10]
__s [10]
vero_id [10]
_hsenc [10]
mkt_tok [10]
mc_eid [10]
useskin Only with the parameters oldid and title.
Both at the same time.
Both at the same time.
Both at the same time.
em, gtw, gwh, hp, hpw, mtrref, src Only for the /
The parameters from project Neat-URL.
The any parameters from project camelbot.

The source of unreferences parameters: Wikipedia dump files.

HTML/XML comment[edit]

The content in the comments does not change.

The Wikipedia namespace[edit]

The changes pages are in the 0 / Primary namespace (based wikipedia dump). That is the priority. Another …



  • With the domain context "archive.".
  • With the char semicolon (;).
  • With last chars ".", ",", ";", "!" and "?".
  • With the HTML entity.


  • With the strings:
    • pre,
    • nowiki,
    • syntaxhighlight.

Template content call[edit]

✍️ Need You anothers, please You add.


Manual online[edit]

Available on

Source code[edit]

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