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NOTE: CategoryTree is also available as a proper MediaWiki extension in the SVN extensions module
See CategoryTree extension for details.

CategoryTree [1] is a tool written by Duesentrieb for showing the category structure as a dynamic tree. This can also be integrated into most browsers as a sidebar. See User:Duesentrieb/Tools for other tools I wrote.

Please use the talk page for questions and comments. If I do not respond, please leave a quick note on my talk page at the german wikipedia.

To do[edit]

  • more options: only cats, main namespace, no talk, all pages
  • warn about non-existingcats (but what does "non-existing" mean?)
  • think about tree map
  • think about "full tree" xml output done
  • use substring-search to make root-list


NOTE: if you want to provide a translation for the CategoryTree extension (not the external tool), please translate a i18n file from the SVN repository, and post it on bugzilla or mail it to me.

This program has an internationalized user interface. If you like, you can help to improve it:

  • to request a language to be added, add an entry in the list below. Translations are kept on separate pages, with the same name as this page with the language code appended (see existing entries). Then please try to find someone who could provide the translation and point him/her here.
  • to add a translation, do as above, and copy an existing translation to the page for the language you are providing. Then translate the messages. When you have done that, please drop a note on my talk page.

NOTE: if you provide an interface translation, you must grant me permission to use it under the terms of the GPL, as well as the GFDL! please put a copyright notice to that effect at the top of the translation you are providing!


CategoryTree already works with every language edition of the major Wikimedia projects: just go to [2] and type the language's code in the small textbox to the right of "Wiki:". This tool has been translated into a number of languages: