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Here is my complete[1] matrix of Wikimedia accounts. I'm sure someone is wondering why I have so many accounts... I'm very interested in maintaining the interwiki links across projects. Primarily on Wikipedia, but I've also become more active on some of the other projects, like Wikinews. As a result, I've got accounts on every site where I've needed to make edits.

Having so many accounts also comes in handy for my Commons-related and Wikipedia-related administrative duties. For example, I use my accounts to fix duplicate images found at commons:Category:Duplicate,[1] or to add images from Commons to foreign-language Wikipedia articles that have either Fair Use images[2] or no images at all.[3] I'm able to do this comfortably without knowing the languages I'm editing in by using language-neutral edit summaries,[4] so other editors will still know what I'm doing. Often my edits will span across multiple projects (such as multiple Wikipedia editions,[5][6] Commons,[7] and Wikispecies[8]).

(Editcountitis? Pfft, "accountcountitis" is soooo much better. ;))

The Matrix[edit]

Wikimedia Foundation[edit]








Other wikis[edit]

Wikia projects[edit]

I realize that I don't have separate accounts for each Wikia site. However, I'm listing all my "accounts" here mostly for my benefit, so I can see where exactly I need to check in.
Also, in this section, I'm only listing projects that don't have their own entry in the interwiki map. Everything that does have an entry, such as Wookieepedia, is listed above, in the "Other wikis" section.


  1. Sometimes there is a delay between me registering an account and me adding it here. For some sites (like Wikipedia), I'll wait until I have an even number of accounts to add before updating the matrix; this is because I have to change the background color by hand, and it's easier to do only the rows between the new entries rather than every line following the new entry. Usually, the delay is only a couple of days, but it can vary depending how busy I am with non-wiki stuff.
    If in doubt, drop me a line and I can verify my identity on any wiki.
  2. I use personal reference pages on some wikis. It's a standardized location for any and all templates or reading materials that I may need to best function on the site. I access the reference page using a monobook.js hack that puts a link in my top-right navigation, and is accessible by accesskey 1; this allows me to access the information extremely efficiently.
    On wikis where I'm an administrator, I use it as both a launch pad for and a public summation of my administrative duties and activities; the "☯" in my standardized signature will always link back to that page.

See also:
Luxo's User Contributions tool – Sums up all my accounts and their edits on a single page.
SUL util – Raw listing of flags, edits, and dates for any "EVula" account on the WMF servers.
Wikis with given User Name – An alternative to the above. A bit faster loading.

Other matrices[edit]