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VLC Icon.svgThis user plays the movies with VLC
Mozilla Thunderbird logo.pngThis user organises the agenda around Thunderbird
Gnupg logo.svgThis user encrypts electronic communications with a GPG key
Firefox Logo, 2017.svgThis user browses the web with Firefox
Nextcloud Logo.svgThis user keeps data on the cloud with Nextcloud
Pidgin.svgThis user chats using Pidgin
Calibre logo 3.pngThis user manage the library with Calibre
LibreOffice Logo Flat.svgThis user prefers LibreOffice as office suit
Prefered filetypes
FLAC logo vector.svgThis user listen to music in FLAC format
Epub logo color.svgThis user reads books in EPUB format
TPB Magnet Icon.gifThis user share files through BitTorrent
Feed-icon.svgThis user reads blog entries through a RSS feed
ODF textdocument 48x48.pngThis user prefers Open Document Format for Office Applications
This user prefers SVG files for the graphics he makes
CompressionJPEGImage13.pngThis user take pictures in JPEG format
Micro.Four.Thirds.Logo.pngThis user trusts the mirrorless lenses
Black-android-phone.svgThis user is not ashamed by taking pictures with a Smartphone
Xiaomi logo.svgThis user took and upload pictures taken with a Redmi Note device
File:YU Televentures Logo.pngThis user took and upload pictures taken with a Yuphoria device
HTC.svgThis user took and upload pictures taken with a Sensation XE device
Xperia Logo.svgThis user took and upload pictures taken with an Arc_S device
Digikam Oxygen.svgThis user uploads pictures using digiKam
ImageMagick logo.svgThis user enjoys ImageMagic on the command line
Logo-ubuntu cof-orange-hex.svgThis user runs Ubuntu on the personal computer
Gnomelogo.svgThis user enjoys a GNOME desktop environement
Lineage OS Logo.pngThis user runs LineageOS on mobile
Armbianlogo.pngThis user runs Armbian on the Raspberry Pi
Openwrt Logo.svgThis user runs OpenWrt on the router
Rockboxlogo.pngThis user runs Rockbox on his portable media player
Kodi-logo-Thumbnail-light-transparent.pngThis user runs Kodi on the home theater
Tails-logo-flat-inverted.svgThis user boots Tails when privacy is needed
Kali-2.0-website-logo-300x90.pngThis user boots Kali to perform test and audits
Magic Lantern logo.pngThis user expects to find a firmware like Magic Lantern for the Lumix device
Loved Projects
F-Droid Logo 4.svgThis user only trusts the F-Droid free open source app repository
Openstreetmap logo.svgThis user contributes with OpenStreetMap
MusicBrainz Logo 2016.svgThis user contributes with MusicBrainz
OpenLibraryLogo.pngThis user contributes with OpenLibrary
Commons-logo.svgThis user has a page on Wikimedia Commons.
Wikipedia-logo.svgThis user has a page on Wikipedia.
Wiktionary-logo.svgThis user has a page on Wiktionary.
Wikivoyage-logo.svgThis user has a page on Wikivoyage.
Wikiquote-logo.svgThis user has a page on Wikiquote.
Bitcoin.svgThis user HODL on a Bitcoin wallet
Crystal kthememgr.svgThis user knows those are to many Userboxes

Territories visited:[edit]

Flag of Spain.svg Flag of France.svg Flag of Catalonia.svg Flag of Brittany.svg Flag of Galicia.svg Flag León Province.svg Flag of Selangor.svg
Flag of Belgium.svg Flag of Germany.svg Flag of the Netherlands.svg Flag of Portugal.svg Flag of England.svg Flag of Ireland.svg Flag of Croatia.svg Flag of Austria.svg Flag of Bulgaria.svg Flag of Hungary.svg Flag of Slovakia.svg Flag of Slovenia.svg
Flag of India.svg Flag of Thailand.svg Flag of China.svg Flag of Japan.svg Flag of Malaysia.svg Flag of Indonesia.svg Flag of South Korea.svg Flag of Nepal.svg Flag of Cambodia.svg Flag of Vietnam.svg Flag of Laos.svg Flag of Singapore.svg
Flag of Argentina.svg Flag of Uruguay.svg Flag of Brazil.svg Flag of Italy.svg Flag of Monaco.svg Flag of Andorra.svg Flag of Finland.svg Flag of Norway.svg Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg Flag of Turkey.svg

Underground / Metropolitan / Subway trains used to commute:[edit]

Underground.svg Metro-M.svg Barcelona Metro Logo.svg U-Bahn.svg Logo Metro Rennes.svg Brussels Metro Logo.svg U-Bahn Wien.svg Metropolitano Lisboa logo.svg Amsterdam metro logo.svg PortoMetro.png Sofia Metro Logo.svg BKV metro.svg Símbolo del Metro de Granada.svg MRT (Bangkok) logo.svg Isotip de Metrovalència.svgTokyo Metro Logo.svg
MetroMadridLogo.svg Panneau Métro de Marseille.svg Amsterdam metro logo.svg Símbolo del Metro de Sevilla.svg Kyoto MTB Logo.svgSímbolo del Metro de Palma.svg Símbolo del Metro de Bilbao.svg Delhi Metro logo.svg Kolkata Metro Logo.svg Chengdu Metro icon.svg Subte-logo.svg Seoul Metro.svg Guangzhou Metro logo.svg File:Singapore MRT logo.svg

Railways networks rode:[edit]

Logo SNCF 2011.svg Deutsche Bahn AG-Logo.svg Logotipo de Renfe Operadora.svg Símbolo Renfe Feve.svg Logo-Comboios-de-Portugal.svg Trenitalia logo.svg Logo ÖBB.svg Westbahn-logo-pantone.svg Nederlandse spoorwegen logo.svg Flag of the Hungarian State Railways.svg JR logo JRgroup.svg Ferrocarriles Argentinos.svgChina Railways.svg Emblem of the State Railway of Thailand.svg Logo PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero).png