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Erick Shepherd
— Wikimedian  —
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NameErick Shepherd
LocationFlag of Maryland.svg Maryland
Education and employment
OccupationPharmacy Technician
Account statistics
Joined29 December 2013
Contact info

About me[edit]

Hi! I'm Erick!

I am an undergraduate student currently double majoring in physics and mathematics at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I hold an A.S. of STEM from Frederick Community College and am a Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician currently employed at CVS Health.

As a Wikipedian[edit]

I was first introduced to Wiki through the Q&A website WikiAnswers in 2010, where I worked as a copy editor and floating supervisor to answer and improve upon existing answers to various user submitted questions. I gained my first experience with Wiki markup on the English language Wiki for the video game Guild Wars in 2011, and began editing the main English Wikipedia anonymously around the same time. At the end of 2013, I finally registered an account and have contributed off and on since.

I consider myself something of a polymath, so I edit across a variety of categories. However, my core topics of interest are science, mathematics, and video games. I also tend to invest a fair measure of my time patrolling for vandalism and welcoming new users.

If you have any questions about editing Wikipedia, want to collaborate on an article, or are just looking for some interesting discussion, hit me up in my talk page! Face-smile.svg ~ Erick Shepherd • (Talk)

Articles to which I have made major contributions[edit]

WikiProjects to which I have made major contributions[edit]

  • WikiProject Maryland
    • Created the project's graphical theme.
    • Organized the page structure of the WikiProject and its task forces.
    • Improved the existing project banner to allow for importance rating by task forces.
    • Rated several hundred articles by their importance to each task force.
    • Created custom userboxes for each task force.
    • Improved upon the WikiProject's existing userbox to allow for multiple image choices.