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Felipe da Fonseca
Felipe da Fonseca
"[...] take upon your shoulders the human sins, and become responsible for them" - Dostoevsky

About me

I have a degree in law and philosophy, a master's in philosophy, and a doctorate in philosophy in a binational doctorate (Brazil and Germany), with a thesis written and defended in German on the application of Practical Philosophy to Law. I have a post-doctoral internship in Philosophy and am currently researching topics in Philosophy of Globalization.

I am an amateur triathlete and an amateur water marathoner. As a triathlete I focus on 70.3 races and as a water marathoner I have just created and completed a 16km race in my region.

My work

Currently my work within the wikimedia movement consists of three fronts:

(a) administration of, which I center on blocking issues, both in judging concrete cases and in restructuring our current blocking policy;

b) development of Wikisul, a user group that aims to bring Wikimedia closer to universities;

c) create a more effective bridge of communication and work between Meta and WMF on the one hand and on the other.

Contact me

Email: felipedafonseca(_AT_)
UG: Wikisul User Group