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What is the format of this page?[edit]

Attention: This is a page created in MeshDesign and aims to centralize discussions from various Wikis. Open respective discussions on your HomeWiki, link this page to your respective HomeWiki page and vice versa and update this page constantly with summaries of the discussions on the HomeWiki pages. For more information on the MeshDesign see: WikiProject Pt-Br/Portfolio.

What is this page about?[edit]

This page aims to gather proposals for Articles (Art.) to be considered by the Drafting Committee for inclusion in the movement's Charter.

The intention is to bring together in one place all the proposed Articles (Art.) so that:

  • a) the Drafting Committee has a unified source of input from the community;
  • b) the community can see in one place the results of various discussions in various forums;
  • c) users can, at this unified table, demonstrate their support or rejection of the various proposals that have arisen;
  • d) this page is not meant to organize the Drafting Committee, but the community so that it can express itself to the Drafting Committee.

Proposals coming from the telegram group for the strategy[edit]

  • Right to information and ample defense:
    • Art. 1º. It is forbidden for the whole Wikimedia movement, and especially WMF, to carry out instructional and decisional processes without prior notification of the investigated and to make any decision for any penalty without offering the opportunity for a full and unrestricted defense by the target of the possible penalty.
      • §1º. This article is not to be confused with any similar article of the Universal Code of Conduct, since the UCoC has a narrower scope than this Charter. Therefore, this article is mandatory even for WMF activities that are not onwiki.
      • §2º. The discovery that an instructional procedure has been carried out by the WMF without informing the target user of the procedure and/or that any penalty has been applied without the guarantee of a full defense by the target user will result in summary dismissal of all involved.
      • §3º. The only exception to the above rule refers to instructional searches conducted by Checkusers. However, even in the case of Checkusers, before applying any penalty, the target must be given the opportunity for a full and unrestricted defense.
  • Prohibition of wage gaps:
    • Art.2º. Any wage differential for equal or similar activities within WMF, whether due to racial, gender, national, regional, sexual orientation or any other discrimination, is prohibited.
      • §1º. WMF is expressly prohibited from taking into account the average salaries of different regions or countries as a way to justify pay inequities within the WMF;
      • §2º. All salaries, without exception, must be widely disclosed on a wiki page in US dollar;
      • §3º. All job offers should be advertised with their respective salaries in US dollars, without exception;
      • §4º. No exceptions to this rule will be accepted, regardless of WMF's justifications.
      • §5º. Any wage differential must be corrected immediately after this letter is published, under penalty of summary dismissal of those responsible.

Onwiki Proposals[edit]


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