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This is a drafting place for my Lightning Talk presentation to be delivered during Learning Days @ Wikimania 2017.

Small Wikipedia Community Development: Lessons from Russia

Who are you?[edit]

31 & counting local language wikis as a community within a single country
  • Wikipedias in the languages of Russia - Russian Federation regional & indigenous wiki communities' informal Chapters Council. Some in our Facebook group invite us to think wider & rename ourselves as Wimedia North Eurasian languages, but we don't seem to be there yet: still lots to be done at home with current & Wikimedia Incubator wikis. But we are ready to share what we learn & want to see Wikimedia Indigenous Languages become active!
    • screenshot of the multilingual bar
    • language codes: ru/ +26 /+4 (az/fi/kk/uk) / upcoming / pnt
    • select statistics graphs (languages, users, pages based on Wikipedias in the languages of Russia/Tables, make in Excel & upload pictures)

Why did this happen?[edit]

The one and only meeting in more than two, 26 Dec 2015
Social diminishing of the non-dominant languages are a fact of life.
  1. All necessary background & context to expect my home wiki to be a role model for small wikis in Russia & CIS.
    • 6-7 million speakers of Tatar worldwide
    • Even some higher education programs partly available in the language
    • History of cultural innovation
    • Tatarstan region is in Top-5 economically & technologically developped Russian regions.
  2. But no one to engage with constructively
    • aboriginal small language communities in countries with very strong national identity are often lost about their language & culture future, sometimes stuck in the past - often no discussion, no interest to come for a meeting
    • such communities often try to isolate their culture, close themselves out from encroaching globalisation that threatens them
    • trying to do it alone, no cooperation with those in the same boat
  3. Whilst most other small wikis in my region have even lower participation

What do we know today?[edit]

2016 Wikimedia Russia conference participants, St.Petersburg, 1 Oct 2016.

What can you learn from us?[edit]

Bashkir Wiki-grandmas rule
TatWiki's Sälät WikiSchool master-class @ Sälät Bilär Forum 2017