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Article Date Status Author
Huge explosions in Tianjin, China 12 August 2015 Published YesY
US embassy reopened in Havana 15 August 2015 Deleted YesY
Cilla Black funeral held in Liverpool 21 August 2015 Published YesY
Gujarat quota protests turn violent 27 August 2015 Published
Elizabeth surpasses Victoria as longest-serving UK sovereign 10 September 2015 Published YesY
Typhoon Etau causes more leakage at Fukushima 11 September 2015 Published
Volkswagen engulfed by diesel emissions scandal 22 September 2015 Published YesY
Civilian government restored as Burkina Faso coup ends 22 September 2015 Published YesY
Independence debate as Catalonia holds regional elections 27 September 2015 Published YesY
Russian jets carry out strikes in Syria 30 September 2015 Published YesY
Several dead in Oregon college shootings 1 October 2015 Published YesY
Civilian deaths as U.S. bombs hospital in Afghanistan 6 October 2015 Published
Three FIFA officials suspended for ninety days 9 October 2015 Published YesY
Volkswagen emissions scandal may affect thousands more cars 3 November 2015 Published YesY


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