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사용자 권한 옴부즈맨 위원회

옴부즈맨 위원회는 이사화의 공식적인 요청에 따라 어떤 위키미디어 재단의 프로젝트에서 개인정보 정책을 위반하는 것(특히 검사관 기능을 사용하는 것)에 대한 사항을 조사합니다. 신청서를 제출하려면 옴부즈맨에게 직접 연락하세요.



옴부즈맨은 공식적인 조사 뿐만 아니라, 신청인과 대상자 간(일반적으로 검사관, 사무관, 관리자, 중재위원회 구성원이 포함됩니다.)의 분쟁도 중재합니다. 법률적인 지원이 필요한 경우, 경우에 따라 법률 자문 위원, 상임 이사, 위원회를 지원하기도 합니다.

When the case is litigious, the ombudsman will be in charge of educating CheckUsers or others about the Foundation's privacy policy. When the privacy policy has been breached, the commission should report to the Executive Director or to the Board and recommend a course of action (such as removal of CheckUser access). Additionally, the commission might suggest suitable changes to policies or software.


An ombudsman's investigation should be conducted in a manner determined by the ombudsman to ensure fairness and impartiality. As a general guideline, it is best that ombudsmen avoid conflicts of interest as much as possible, particularly by avoiding routine use of CheckUser access and not processing complaints on the projects on which they are very active editors. However, matters that come before the commission are not clearcut, and the language and culture of various projects may pose barriers to outsiders. As such, how the commission investigates complaints is left to the discretion of its appointed members.


Ombudsman requests may be made to the following email address (in any language spoken by one of the members):



Members of the ombudsman commission are selected by Wikimedia Foundation officials from the Wikimedia community (there is no call for volunteers or elections). They are appointed (assuming they agree) for a period of approximately one year. An ombudsman's real identity must be disclosed to the Foundation legal counsel. A non-voting alternate member may be appointed to serve for one year, with an expectation for a seat as a full member the following year.

Assigned rights[edit]

An ⧼group-Ombudsmen⧽ has the following rights globally:

  • Search deleted pages (browsearchive)
  • Check users' IP addresses and other information (checkuser)
  • View the checkuser log (checkuser-log)
  • View deleted history entries, without their associated text (deletedhistory)
  • View deleted text and changes between deleted revisions (deletedtext)
  • View private logs (suppressionlog)

Current ombudsman users[edit]

See also Special:GlobalUsers/Ombudsmen (terms expire February 2020):

Previous ombudsmen[edit]

February 2018 — February 2019:

February 2017 — April 2018:

  • Lankiveil from enwiki
  • Richwales from enwiki (February 2017 — February 2018)
  • Vogone from wikidata, dewiki, metawiki (February 2017 — February 2018)

February 2016 — February 2019:

  • Alan from commonswiki (February 2016 — February 2018)
  • NahidSultan from bnwiki, commonswiki (February 2016 — February 2017)
  • Pajz from dewiki (February 2016 — February 2019)
  • Taketa from nlwiki (February 2016 — February 2017)

February 2015 — February 2018:

  • Alhen from eswiki (February 2015 — February 2017)
  • Barras from simplewiki, metawiki (February 2015 — November 2016)
  • PhilKnight from enwiki (February 2015 — February 2017)
  • Rubin16 from ruwiki

February 2014 — February 2018:

  • Avraham from enwiki (February 2014 — February 2016)
  • Gnom from dewiki from itwiki (February 2014 — February 2017)
  • M7 from itwiki (February 2014 — June 2014)
  • Polimerek from plwiki
  • Stryn from fiwiki, wikidatawiki (February 2014 — July 2014)

February 2013 — February 2017:

  • Deskana from enwiki (February 2013 — September 2013)
  • Erzbischof from dewiki (February 2013 — February 2014)
  • Huji from fawiki
  • Levg from ruwiki (February 2013 — February 2015)

February 2011 — February 2016:

  • Dweller from enwiki (April 2011 — February 2013)
  • FloNight from enwiki (April 2011 — February 2014)
  • Herbythyme from commonswiki (February 2011 — April 2011)
  • Mwpnl from nlwiki (February 2011 — February 2013)
  • Pundit from plwiki (April 2011 — February 2012)
  • Sir48 from dawiki (February 2011 — February 2015)
  • Thogo from dewiki

February 2010 — February 2011:

January 2009 — February 2010:

December 2007 — January 2009:

July 2006 — December 2007:

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