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Hassan Osman Hassan
Hassan Osman Hassan
Co-Founder/Volunteer, Wikimedia Community Usergroup Sudan
Work on enriching content, creating knowledge, and raising awareness of ownership.

About me

Sudanese .

My work

Blogger, coach, interested in creativity, social entrepreneurship, social innovation, business world, Knowledge, Enrich the content.

A founding member of the Wikimedia Sudan team, which aims to enrich Sudanese content on Wikipedia projects as well as develop general content in them

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Activities in the Wikimedia Sudan[edit]

- Facilitator in the Project/Sudanese Content on Wikimedia.

- Facilitator in WikiGap 2022 Sudan.

- Facilitator in Wiki Loves Women/Focus Group/SheSaid Sudan.

- Organizer of Wikimania Sudan 2022.


- Wiki Arabia 2022, Dubai.

- Wiki Indaba 2022, Kigali.

- Wikimania Sudan 2022, khartoum.


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