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Kindly populate your fotos and other related media files to the above category also.

Day 1 : 29th June 2018

Tanveer -  10 to 10.20

Whay We are here?  

Tito - First time wksp dedicated to quality content creation

Tanveer & Manav -

Individual exercise : What we read? What sources I refer to regularly? Mention anything like newspaper, books, blogs, websites

Mana sharing which topic and what she reads

blogs, science direct website, wikipedia sometime and follow those links in wiki

Palagiri Telugu newspapers and reviews of books

Mechanical Engg info n newspa

personal development

Mallikarjun mention some Newspapers names

Paul Graham,hackanis

wikipies Pragati sports, current affair

Tanveer asked him how do we del info getting from Blogs which is not acceptable in wiki.

Palagiri used it as temporary

Sushant says contact blogger and asked his/her reference

Pranay take interview to acors and write blogs if he can use as authentic reference


Krishna took the phrases from blog and search google - key 'Phrase search'

Muzammil  shares content from other source like Google books

in Urdu

Wikimedia shares some databases

one Qote the author while quote use for article

Sangram mentioned about wikisource and asked whether he can use blogs as reference

quote the author of blog in reference Muzammil shares

Manav said about reliable sources date to be mentioned

palagiri webnews

Muzammil shares to be careful about authenticity of news and date

need to be specific date,year

Anant resource exchange program

Manav has asked about women health info in govt website is small so asked if she can use citation from promoting papers comes with newspaper

tito answered queries from trainees aboout possibilities of citation from blogs and other promoting info

Tanveer talked about balance between iformation and knowlege

If it will be used as proper expansion or for unavalable articles

Notability pointed by


why, how, shuld be added during creating articles added by Tanveer

Nehal shares his views for Sanskrit wikipedia how to tackle with info and knowledge

Tanveer says some people says due to

availability articles in wikipedia students are going to offline library less

more than one reference tanveer says to avoid conflict of interest, global view and to be impertial

Brainstorm organised by Tito

quora,edit, DOB published on FB user itself

Tanveer: Assume good faith is towards editors, but not not content. Like, first allow to copy paste and then let them edit & modify... (!!!!!???????)

Credibility depends on the rigourousness of the process

We may cosider bloggers data only if they give proper license because they are also good writers & reader

Comment: blogs are not reference for Wikipedia

Indic Wikimedia community needs few special rules. Becoz,  Habit of writing in a  web page is emerging among Indians. Most of the new comers having  fear to write in  WM projects. So they are writing in blogs as per i interviewed. So,  i am giving the value of Creative commons license to the writers. Finally they agree to post their wtings under CClicense. After few months, we move  few articles to Tamil WP.  You may look new books under  cclicense from upcoming writers


Questions on Citability:   

Do I become CIte-worthy & Reliable, Just because I can afford to

  1.    register a website No
  1.    publish a hard-copy book
  1.    get the article published in a News Paper.   

Issue: Best Professors in Academia do not have websites. Their blogs Eg:

       Prof Late Pranab Bardhan

       Just ISBN of the printed book will save (assuming they were published/in-print/)      

Muzammil brought it out:

On Kabir's wiki Page, must he be shown to the world as Poet or as a Saint ??

Purely from Neutral point of view, what's the right reference point to explain?

I can think of one way-out: Way we've done for Tagore, Da Vinci, simply call them as PolyMath...

While all picked errors in Top Viewed/Newly Created Article, US Kodhai sir showed a Good article.

Loganathan wanted to show Tool to translate Infoboxes

Well-written articles needn't be most-viewed Articles.

5 Hours to locate bugs in Indic Wiki, ...

Basic ground-rules to be set up to analyse the "Article Structure".

Once written on Gemini Ganeshan/Savitri, Why/Who/How will fix it?

Authentic Info comes from where?

One incredible point is like one drop of Acid, It can convert entire tank of water acidic.

CReating content is not/no more key.

Mahesh -

Now a days Youtube updates much faster than news papers and books, most of the information uploaded by Channels- Vsause, TedX and Veritasium are accurate, but how to find reliable sources for them on Internet?

Sangram Keshari Senapati-

* Can we use the face to face interviews available on YouTube?

Questions for Wikipedia content


1) Why English Wikipedia doesn't allow articles on AIDS Control Agencies in India (other than NACO)?

2) Amitabh Bachan expressed two  views on the terrorist Kasab:

a) he is the safest person when he was alive

b) that justice has been delivered when he died.

Why can these not be part of an article on this person?  Amitabh was an AP and has always been politically active.

Can articles in

Tito started session about article structure

mentioned about lead, infobox, content categories

Krishna shared abt best practices of article structure

which attracts readers

1 skleleton Before the lead(two names so no need to create seperate page use Hatnotes-use of intend and italics to seperate from main articles, b)Tags,c) infobox(if possible)or use navigational template for subjective things,2.body part, Images should be in infobox 3)appendix, 4)bottom matter(category,authority control) sixe matters, section and matters also influenced otimum size of article ... use of tags which needed to expan better

Template Hatnotes for hatnote tempt information,

Muzammil: Thankfully, I removed the "orphan" hatnote on Urdu Wikipedia article "Flower Cultivation in India" after listing it in the article "Agriculture in India" under the "See also" section.

wiki link, inter wiki link, external link

in see also wiki links no inter wiki links and external wiki links

commons category with template will go to the external links

External links are not allowed in mainbody other than infoboxes


a) Interwiki

b) wikilinks

c) external links

How to start the article?

>> Summary of the article,

>> bringing a line or so from every section.


Lead section is summery of the article if the article is too long only two line summary are nt sufficient

Reliable citations in Bengali as shared by dr Hrishikes

1. Newspapers with high circulation (per Audit Bureau of Circulation) 2. Reputed biographical dictionaries, incl. Sansad Bangla Charitabhidhan. 3. Reputed Bengali dictionaries. 4. Reputed books on history, history of literature etc. like Bangla Sahityer Itibritto by Asit Kumar Banerjee, reputed original history books in Bengali like Bangalir Itihas by Nihar Ranjan Ray, Bangladesher Itihas by Ramesh Chandra Majumdar, Gaur Lekhmala by Akshay Kumar Maitreya etc.

5W and 1H : what, why,when,where, who how 5W in lead portion of article.

3. form of inverted pyramid

4. Number of Paragraphs

5. Pushing POV in lead / NPOV

6. citation

7 Lead follow the body

Fare use policy for image

in local wiki

For Length of an article


foor list of long pages

Special:shortpages - for short articles

In Punjabi:

merge should come as note not as an inter wiki links

Summary of article in lead section  will depend on size of article. Small article of 3 paragraph can  not have lead of 3 para.

less than 15,000 - 2 paragraphs

15,000 - 30,000 - 3 paragraphs

above 30,000 charcter more than 3 para

a Good body

1. Article size

a( the rule of seven plus or minus two, the magical number of seven plus or minus two

2. Formal , impersonal and dispassionate

3 Sectioning and section

4. Paragraphing

5. Inverted Pyramid structure (no) put chronology

6. Consistency

7. Good with "What Wikipedia is not?"

8. Wiki-links

Sucession box ?

In Bengali list of short pages

Short Pages in Telugu Wikipediaప్రత్యేక:చిన్నపేజీలు

Long Pages in Telugu Wikipediaప్రత్యేక:పొడుగుపేజీలు

Articles with 0 bytes

are to be expanded or to be deleted.

Lead follows

Rule of Seven -,_Plus_or_Minus_Two (a highly cited paper in psychology)

common mistakes:

1. Excessive usage of Jargon

2. Off topic description

3. Use of peacock  and weasel images

4. Duplicate links

5. Unnecessary red links

6. Inconsitency

7.Removing bias content

8. External links in prose

9. Relying in single source

a) Cherry picking

10. Not being redundant

some more

1. Illustrating the article

a use of media file

b) pushing POV through images

Mapping of shortcomings/gaps

Top viewed articles adhere to good article parameters - To find top views :

Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Layout -



Kannada Wiki

Page with Top Views:

  • ರಾಮ್ ಮೋಹನ್ ರಾಯ್          18,573 Views in May 2018
  • Problems:
  1.    6 red links, just in Lead, Page filed with Red-Links.
  1.    long sentences
  1.    Typing mistakes  ಜೀವನ ನಡೆ ಸಾಲು
  1.    Gender-agnostic ರಾಮಮೋಹನ್ ನ ಬಾಲ್ಯದಲ್ಲಿನ
  1.    Too Detailed Section Notes - ಕ್ರೈಸ್ತಧರ್ಮ ಮತ್ತು ಈಸ್ಟ್ ಇಂಡಿಯಾ ಕಂಪನಿಯ ಆರಂಭದ/ಪ್ರಾಥಮಿಕ ಆಡಳಿತ

ಅಬ್ರಹಾಮ್ ಆರ್ಟೆಲಿಯಸ್  10,064    Views in May 2018  

  1. No Lead, Infobox
  1. Syntax Error in Headings
  1. Typing Error

ಕರ್ನಾಟಕದ ಮುಖ್ಯಮಂತ್ರಿಗಳು             13,730 Views in May 2018

  • No Lead
  • Only Tables
  • No text,
  • English Texts, ..

Outreach Challenge (especially, for Kannada Wiki)

Do we have enough info on Wiki, on top 10 news items that Newspaper's of the day have printed?

Eg: Gen Bipin Rawat mentions terrorism in Kashmir is coming down.

We need articles on Gen. Bipin Rawat, Terrorism in Kashmir,  ..

Kannada Wikipedia - Vikas   Read and present erros in articles

മലയാളം - Malayalam Top views June

Top Views:

    Common Problem: Single line intro, single reference source, blank section, reference link available but no text shown.   

Telugu Wikipedia Top Viewed Pgaes    hindi wiki

To check copyright violations in the article please see the link below  

copyvio in Satyanarayan

आंबेडकर -

Next session The Wikipedia Library(TWL) why we need it and how by Krishna Chaitanya Velga

Its run by the WMF provide library as citation resource to editors which all are chargable

Acess to vital resources

Partnership done in 2012 JSTOR has massive impact

reference desk or source sharing

share books for citation

researcher editors can help through ref desk

Open Acess Wiki bot / OAWB for exclusive list of open acess

Some imp Programs

*visiting scholer,

*Library intern,

*Reference Desk,

*Source sharing

Global library First Indic Hindi,Bengali,Sindhi


Setting up a local branch


Felix and Aaron Vasant are online with Krishna Chaitanya and Sailesh for best practices

The few observations on the hands on session on mapping the existing articles on indic languages with the ideal article structure of wiki articles.

1. The errors were common among the different indic languages. Few of them

A.  Overwinning of articles with red links.

B. Presence of main article in hat note on sub section

C. Info boxes left untranslated

D. Captions in info box untranslated.

E. Language structure / spelling / grammar errors

F. Structuring of article. Chronology of events.

G. Syntex errors in placement of references. Citations

Way ahead.....

The communities may take up edit-a-thon or by any other way suitable;  where in top 20 or most read or searched articles, the apparent mistakes to be corrected and articles may be brought up to the mark of well written article.

Day 2 : 30th June 2018

Advanced Search

*Bengaluru* - All possivle options

"Bengaluru" - Specific search

Put - (minus) to exclude some term

Search exact thing:  "your word" - word not want to be searched

Search something on a specific website: "your word"

Search in a particuar time period: "your word" after:yyyy/mm/dd before: yyyy/mm/dd

search something in url: inurl:your word

search something in title: intitle: your word

search specific file type: your word filetype:pdf

To find specific words in specific site: "your word" inurl:website

To customise your search according to need -

To See Older/removed versions of webpages

To See/check creation date of the webpage

Advanced Google Search

Please put examples also, which are here

मराठी -  "प्रदूषण""नदी""मृत्यू" , "पुतळा विटंबना" "दगडफेक" "दंगल" , "कुपोषण" "मृत्यू" "आदिवासी"

malnitrition filetype:pdf - more specific searchअल्मिया&oldid=3840186

{{Find sources|Fakir Mohan Senapati}}

{{Find sources notice|Tanveer Hasan}}

On talk page put message - Hi, Pl use these links to improve your article

Images Advanced Search:

Ongoing Urdu-Hebrew Collaboration to build articles on either communities.

Need a guidance on this site.... Anybody can help?

Why ? Howo? What? - To work on projects on our own wikis.

WIKIDATA Collaboration in wikis

ADD this in your meta wiki replace the username

and add the script shown bellow

mediaWiki.loader.load ('//');


Earwig's Copyvio Detector:

Duplication detector:

Copyvio Bot:कबीर&oldid=&action=search&use_engine=1&use_links=1&turnitin=0

To find out date of creation/updates of webpages

For Telugu

1.00 P.M

Discussion on call with Addis Wang about Wikipedia Asian Month

Stats (updates)


English WIkipedia:

Checked by at least 1 editor

Criteria for a good article:

* Well Written

* Verifiable with no original research

* Broad in coverage

* Neutral

* Stable

* illusrated

Peacock words in Punjabi language: ਹੀਰਾ, ਚਮਕਦਾ ਸਿਤਾਰਾ, ਮਹਾਨ, ਉੱਘੇ, ਆਪ ਜੀ

Some articles using peacock words: ਸੀ. ਵੀ. ਰਮਨ, ਗੁਰੂ ਹਰ ਰਾਇ, ਬਾਬਾ ਨਿਧਾਨ ਸਿੰਘ ਜੀ

Find Link tool: -



Admin / sysops

Punjabi articles and reference -


To check the version of your mediawiki (@Jay)

Use script from other Wiki:

mw.loader.load( '//' );


Hindi -

Day 3

Reliable Sources:

* Primary , Secondary, Tertiary

Primary - Directly related to subject

Secondary - Refecence from the primary sources

*Press Releases -

- Official authorities,

*User-generated Content Sites:

- Websites like IMDb, WikiHow, Rotten Tomatoes

*Articles from News:

*Youtube Interviews:

* Interviews

- Institutional Partnerships to create content

* Book references -Putting sites like Amazon, Bookganga is promotional/advt. Indic wiki should have a policy on this

* Social media like fb, twitter - Can be manipulated, not verifiable, personal opinions, promotion

* Exceptional claim require exceptional citations


Best Practice: We should take every SOurce (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary) with a pinch of Salt.

Be it Pess Info Buereau, Ministry of Home, Defence

All published material

Primary Sources : Expressions by individuals/entities/orgs/agencies by themselves

Secondary : Reports on Primary by other reliable ones

Tertiary sources : Most of it are academic books, research articles, literature analysis and similar kind of sources these are most reliable as facts in these sources are verified by several people.

10:45 AM


   Famous Person

   Science & Technology

   Current Affairs

   Art & Literature


     Theme  Reliable  Not Reliable


   Which ?  Exception   

   Sources    Current  Affairs   

   LIC acquires IDBI Bank  https://twitter.come/kaul_vivek/status/1012936742746275841         


Mallikarjuna to sit with JayaPrakash to make Fabricator & such Tech stuff easier-seamless TED-CON.  :) Refresher kind of Stuff.


LOOKING FOR RELIABLE SOURCES : Themewise give - reliable , not-reliable (Which, Why), Why exception


1. Famous person  

2. Science & Technology  

3. Current Affairs (Sports & Politics)  

4. Art & Literature    

5. History

== Hindi ==

===   Famous Person ===

* can be  used

* Won't be Used

* maybe

===   Science & Tech ===

* can be  used



* Won't be Used

* maybe



===  Current Arrairs ===

* can be  used

* Won't be  Used

* maybe

Suresh : I have added new text with references in mrwiki on evolution,

Notability- Books  - ; ;

For Marathi wiki,

First Article is Evolution,


1) Books by authors like darwin himself, origin of species and others, Charles Darwin's notebooks, 1836-1844:  

2) books by marathi authors who have written about Darwin, and it's impact on society. Like V.R. Shindes, P Joshi,

3) Marathivishwakosh and charitra kosh published by Maharashtra govt which mentions about Darwin and it's theory of evolution 


News articles and videos by news exaggarating evolution as there are many such videos of such kinds and putting forward idiotic theories of evolution itself.

Blog entries by some enthusiasts in marathi which are talking about evolution

Maybe, some news articles which talk about common facts about darwin as a person, and authors who have developed further theories after darwin.

Maratha Kranti Morcha,



2) news articles reporting marches across MH sakal, times of india, loksatta

3) Press realeses published by maratha morcha colliation time to time before every march happening in cities.

4) comments, promisses given by CM, other officials, ministers of MH officially on his website and to press.

5) so numbers of perticipation could be mentioned as approximate number with proper citation of multiple sources.


1) blogs,

2) Youtube videos,

3) videos and visuals published by maratha dominated publications, news channels, papers (as those were mutilated and it became news also.)

4) Number of participants is a huge debatable issue again as every march was seen as getting bigger and bigger so numers were showing growing per marches so even newspapers and media was mutilated too,


Trade pack news TOI

Telugu Community sources -


   Next Steps:

  1.        Create at least 10 Good Articles, 10 Featured Articles
  1.        Update / Build WP: Pages, avoid them being verbose, unusually huge.
  1.        Address Quirks
  1.        Mentor/Resource-Persons to groom budding WIkimedians on a 1:!1 basis online.
  1.        Cross-Indic Languages Vilage Pump
  1.        Quora kind of Question-Answer --> Start with Talk Page, provide option to extract/search topics (browsing for topics is bit tuff, with heavy texts....)


(write below this line, what are we going to do next)

The communities may take up edit-a-thon or by any other way suitable;  where in top 10 or most read or searched articles, the apparent mistakes to be corrected and articles may be brought upto the mark of well written articles.

Guideline for the same to be in place or improved.

Mallikarjuna: Train a new Wikipedian.

Suresh: A mentor to guide a budding wikipedian and Mentor may conncetrate on formation of policies. Budding wikipedian can ask question and in return the mentor can put answer on guide lines and policies page

Sushant: one help desk for Indic communityr Indic Communities, On Meta.

Team:A dedicated technial support team to solve technical issues

Nehal: The wikipedian can translate a good article and translate the same to language known to them.

TEam: prepare a list of  50 articles and have article on each indic wikipedia.

Titto: a Visiting Wikipedian visiting to a place of need.

JP: to inform the issues in advance. Techniacal Support Team to be formed. (TechCom)

Sushant: the support page on media to have technical support page

Titto: Mallikarjuna and JP to take lead to form the same

Satdip: Basics of advance is touched upon, for further advancement we can have onlince meet.

Manav: hat projects will be taken up by communities

Subodh:the policy pages are too long needs to be abridged.(kannadda has already done) Followed by discussion on Village pump. The Communities can think of copyvio policy.

Sushant: We need a tool or bot to detect copyright violation on Indic Language Communities

Tito: Can we request

Pooja - I shall use the tools like google advanced search more effectively. I shall take initiative in global campaigns like WAM. Taking inspiration from Pranay, I shall start with Wiki 50 days.

Suresh: Safe space policy, gender policy

Proposed GA articles in Telugu for next couple of months - Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Telugu, Hyderabad, Vijayawada.