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Annual Strategic Plan for Wikimedia ZA

1 July 2015 - 30 June 2016


The Chapter aims to support a vibrant multilingual and multicultural content community that generates and disseminates content that is used and understood by the local and global community.

In doing so it facilitates contributions to the commons of African knowledge and promotes free access to knowledge in all South African languages in order to support development.

It encourages the collection and dissemination of information about, but not exclusive to South Africa, and contributes to the creation of free and open knowledge in South Africa.


The following are the key objectives of the Chapter.

  • To develop and support the South African Wikimedia communities
  • To protect, preserve and promote local culture, other African Wikimedia communities and the greater communities of free culture and open software
  • To support and facilitate the sharing of knowledge in all South African languages
  • To spread awareness of the Wikimedia projects as a significant resources within universities, archives, museums and other relevant communities, and to actively engage with them
  • Act as a conduit between editors, writers and specialists within the community to support the growth and sustainability of high quality local content

Strategy & Key Activities[edit]

  1. Community Outreach
  2. Institutional Outreach
  3. International Collaboration
  4. Administration & Human Resources

Projects to support Community Outreach Initiatives[edit]

Wiki Loves Monuments[edit]

The aim of this project is to encourage and facilitate the capturing and upload of photographs of South African heritage sites or monuments under free licensing during heritage month. This includes encouraging those who upload to write about their monument of choice in Wikipedia in their local language choice. Though this competition we aim to increase quality of photographs on Commons and number of participants.


The aim of this project is to increase Wikipedia coverage of iconic buildings around Johannesburg with historic and heritage importance. Through contributions we want to encourage the donation of important historical documents and images to Commons and Wikipedia for the use of future generations.


This project aims to assist cultural institutions to share their resources, and overlaps with some of our existing projects.

Wikipedia Zero[edit]

With the assistance of WM CH we are installing Kiwix systems in the Western Cape and want to assist the Wikipedia Zero programme to roll out free access to Wikipedia over multiple mobile platforms.

Lobbying for Open Access[edit]

We believe that open data and public access to government data is an important part of free knowledge for all. We aim to lobby government explaining the benefits to them.

Kaapedia 2015[edit]

The focus of this project is to increase Wikipedia coverage of iconic building around Cape Town City Centre with historic and heritage importance. This project aims to build on the success of Joburgpedia.

Wiki Loves Wildlife[edit]

The aim of this project is to encourage and facilitate the capturing and upload of photographs of South African wildlife under free licensing. A secondary objective is to increase the quality of photographs submitted and increase the number of participants.

Wiki Meetups[edit]

Once a month the Chapter arranges a meetup in Cape Town to provide contributors / editors with a platform for community discussion. We want to introduce this in Johannesburg as well.

Projects to support Institutional Outreach[edit]

  • GLAM
  • Lobbying for Open Access with Government
  • Kaapedia

Projects to support International Collaboration[edit]

Wiki Indaba[edit]

As a follow up to Wiki Indaba 2014 we want to continue the establishment and support of African co-operative structures and organs to create a platform for sustainable dialogue with collaborators in Wikimedia Chapters, the Wikimedia Foundation and the international communities to frame the issue of community activation and corporate governance in the context of Africa.

GLAM Benchmark Survey[edit]

We will be assisting the Foundation to conduct this Benchmark Survey conducted among heritage institutions throughout the world.


We will be working together with WMCH to install Kiwix systems in South Africa. We would like to expand Wiki Zero to other schools and institutions in South Africa, and assist the Wiki Zero programme to roll out free access to Wikipedia over multiple mobile platforms.

Human Resources & Administration[edit]

Wikimedia ZA currently consists of a Board of Trustees consisting of 5 members, headed by Douglas Scott as President. The Chapter has one full time employee in the position of Administrator. Since the appointment of the Administrator in December 2013, we have seen an increase in the number of projects of the Chapter. We have also been able to adhere to all legislative requirements in South Africa. We aim to continue with this in the coming year.

Language Development & Community Activation[edit]

The Chapter seeks to promote, through various projects and initiatives, translation efforts into the 11 local languages of South Africa.

Wiki Loves Afrikaans[edit]

In the coming year we want to focus on expanding the Afrikaans Wikipedia which, as of May 2013, was the second-largest African language Wikipedia.

Through the introduction of an Afrikaans specific writing competition, we aim to increase the number of contributors / editors to the Wikipedia community and to establish a relationship with existing editors.

Monitoring & Evaluation[edit]

Despite its global reach, Wikimedia ZA is in close contact with Wikimedians around the country and beyond.

Wikimedians’ activities - increased edits, number and (African) content of new articles, use of diverse languages and networks - are primary indicators of success.

Additional soft indicators are as follows :

  • Personal growth
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Increased general knowledge
  • Renewed interest in South African topics
  • Potential economic impact on the communities to which Wikimedians belong
  • Multiplier effect on Wikimedia ZA’s other programmes

Political Analysis of Work[edit]

Wikimedia ZA’s work goes beyond any boundaries of race, creed or colour.

Any and all can participate in the collaborative effort to increase human knowledge. People of all ages, cultures and backgrounds can add or edit articles, references, images and other media. Furthermore, we support and work towards open access to information in South Africa, and more broadly as provided by government.

Theory of Change[edit]

We are dedicated to achieving our goal of providing the sum total of human knowledge free to everyone, everywhere. We strongly believe that access to information and knowledge improves society and humanity at large, and we are dedicated to helping achieve that as much as possible in the South African context.

In order to achieve this, Wikimedia ZA runs numerous projects that encourage the contribution, editing and improvement of Wikipedia articles in South Africa, as well as making it easier for people in South Africa to access Wikipedia and other information on related wiki’s.

Needs Assessments[edit]

As a small Chapter we want to increase the reach of Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects in as many areas as possible.

Before the implementation of a programme / project, we ask the following questions to ascertain the requirements :

  • How many active new editors / contributors are we targeting?
  • How can we increase the credibility of the Chapter in terms of relationships with other organisations who share the same vision?
  • How will this benefit the small language Wikipedias?
  • What value will the project bring to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects?
  • Are the photographs / images contributed to Commons of value to the greater community?
  • What number of quality articles / images will be added onto Wikipedia?
  • Is community participation encouraged?

Evaluation Methods[edit]

All projects undertaken by the Chapter are evaluated in terms of the following :

  • Number of editors
  • Number of edit days
  • Number of language projects contributed to
  • Number of female participants
  • Number of new users
  • Number of pages created
  • Total number of edits
  • Total value of data added
  • Quality of contributions


The Chapter seeks to run a diverse range of projects in order to maximize community participation. When selecting projects, we aim to increase reach by offering a range of activities / interests to attract new editors / contributors.

We believe that the variety of projects also increase our credibility as a Chapter, and raises awareness of all the Wikimedia projects.


As a relatively new Chapter we consider past PEG grants as opportunities to measure success in terms of project metrics.

This information was used to adjust strategic planning for new projects to ensure that the maximum impact is achieved in each instance.

Improving Movement Practices[edit]

The Chapter aims to align all activities with the mission targets of the Wikimedia strategic plan for 2015:

  • Increasing reach
  • Participation
  • Quality
  • Credibility

These targets form part of the Chapter's targets, which are as follows :

  • Awareness of Wikimedia projects
  • Translation efforts into local languages
  • Creation of free, local knowledge and media
  • Contribution of African knowledge

Movement Sustainability[edit]

By aligning all projects to the strategies and targets of the Wikimedia Foundation and the Chapter, we promote the creation of free knowledge and media. By increasing and maximising the number of editors / contributors in as many local languages as possible, we ensure the sustainability of several Wikimedia projects.


The Chapter currently consists of 5 members on the Board of Trustees who contribute their time on a voluntary basis. There is currently one full time employee on board in the capacity as Administrator.

The appointment of the Administrator has assisted in promoting the activities of the Chapter and encouraged general growth and awareness.

Potential for Impact[edit]

We consider WM ZA as a crucial key player in reaching out to the global south, a hub to Africa. Through various projects we aim to increase the South African editor pool, and engage with other communities across Africa to extend Wikimedia projects.

Wikimedia Commons has a relatively poor representation of African contributions or these are of moderate to acceptable quality. Through various projects we aim to increase the value of media on Commons.

Through past events we have been able to improve our credibility as a chapter and movement. We have been able to build relationships with various institutions who share our vision of access to knowledge for all, free of charge.

Budget breakdown[edit]

Description Requested Funds (ZAR) Requested Funds (USD) Notes
Qty Rate Total (ZAR) Qty Rate Total (USD)
Core Administrative Budget
1.1 Salaries - Full Time Administrator 13 22 000.00 286 000.00 13 1 903.11 24 740.48
1.2 Salaries - President 56 1 650.00 92 400.00 56 142.73 7 993.08 [1]
1.3 Salaries - Oversight Director 28 1 650.00 46 200.00 28 142.73 3 996.54 [2]
1.4 Salaries - Payroll Costs 13 800.00 10 400.00 12 69.20 830.45
1.5 Auditing Fees 1 50 000.00 50 000.00 1 4 325.26 4 325.26
1.6 Office Rental 12 2 500.00 30 000.00 12 216.26 2 595.16
1.7 Governance, Management & Administration 12 2 500.00 30 000.00 12 216.26 2 595.16
1.8 Printed Matter 12 1 000.00 12 000.00 12 86.51 1 038.06
1.9 External Relations, Community Outreach and Education 1 10 000.00 10 000.00 1 865.05 865.05
1.10 IT Support & Equipment 2 10 000.00 20 000.00 2 865.05 1 730.10
1.11 Board Meetings 2 20 000.00 40 000.00 2 1 730.10 3 460.21
1.12 Travel Allowance 1 60 000.00 60 000.00 1 5 190.31 5 190.31
1.13 Project & Oversight Expenses 1 30 000.00 30 000.00 1 2 595.16 2 595.16
1.14 Contingencies 1 35 000.00 35 000.00 1 3 027.68 3 027.68
Total Core Administrative Budget 752 000.00 64 982.70
  1. To compensate for loss of income from regular employment - 1 day per week with Administrator
  2. For oversight and Management assistance
Description Requested Funds (ZAR) Requested Funds (USD) Notes
Qty Rate Total (ZAR) Qty Rate Total (USD)
Project Budget
2.1 Wiki Loves Monuments 1 110 000.00 110 000.00 1 9 515.57 9 515.57
2.2 Wiki Loves Afrikaans 1 75 000.00 75 000.00 1 6 487.89 6 487.89
2.3 Kaapedia 1 50 000.00 50 000.00 1 4 325.26 4 325.26
2.4 Wiki Loves Wildlife 1 80 000.00 80 000.00 1 6 920.42 6 920.42
2.5 Joburgpedia 1 160 000.00 160 000.00 1 13 840.83 13 840.83
2.6 Wikipedia Zero 1 20 000.00 20 000.00 1 1 730.10 1 730.10
2.7 Language Development & Community Activation 1 10 000.00 10 000.00 1 865.05 865.05
Total Project Budget 505 000.00 43 685.12

Budget Summary[edit]

Description Requested Funds (ZAR) Requested Funds (USD)
Description Total in Rands (ZAR) Total in Dollars (USD)
1 Core Administrative Budget R 752 000.00 $ 64 982.70
2 Project Budget R 505 000.00 $ 43 685.12
3 SUBTOTAL R 1 257 000.00 $ 108 667.82
4 VAT (14%) R Included $ Included
5 TOTAL BUDGET R 1 257 000.00 $ 108 667.82