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The following is a list of my regularly used accounts across Wikimedia Foundation wikis.

I have had two renames since beginning on Wikimedia projects in 2006, therefore some wikis may still show my old account name(s) - see below.
User:Extranet » renamed to User:E » renamed to User:JamesR (current)

Host Wiki User Page User Talk Contribs Permissions
Wikimedia Foundation
Wikimedia Foundation wikimedia:User:JamesR wikimedia:User talk:JamesR Contribs Editor
Wikimedia Meta-Wiki m:User:JamesR m:User talk:JamesR Contribs Editor
Wikimedia Commons commons:User:JamesR commons:User talk:JamesR Contribs Editor
MediaWiki mw:User:JamesR mw:User talk:JamesR Contribs Editor
Wikimedia Australia User:JamesR User talk:JamesR Contribs Editor, Member
English Wikipedia en:User:JamesR en:User talk:JamesR Contribs Sysop
Simple English Wikipedia simple:User:JamesR simple:User talk:JamesR Contribs Editor
Test Wikipedia testwiki:User:JamesR testwiki:User talk:JamesR Contribs Editor
English Wikinews wikinews:User:JamesR wikinews:User talk:JamesR Contribs Editor
English Wiktionary wikt:User:JamesR wikt:User talk:JamesR Contribs Editor
English Wikiquote wikiquote:User:JamesR wikiquote:User talk:JamesR Contribs Editor
Old (Multilingual) Wikisource oldwikisource:User:JamesR oldwikisource:User talk:JamesR Contribs Editor
English Wikisource wikisource:User:JamesR wikisource:User talk:JamesR Contribs Editor
English Wikibooks b:User:JamesR b:User talk:JamesR Contribs Editor
English Wikiversity v:User:JamesR v:User talk:JamesR Contribs Editor
Wikimania 2007 wm2007:User:E wm2007:User talk:E Contribs Editor
Wikimania 2008 wm2008:User:E wm2008:User talk:E Contribs Sysop, Online Team
Wikimania 2009 wm2009:User:JamesR wm2009:User talk:JamesR Contribs Editor, Online Team
English Wikipedia en:User:AdminStatsBot en:User talk:AdminStatsBot Contribs Bot
English Wikipedia en:User:EBot en:User talk:EBot Contribs Bot
English Wikipedia en:User:EBot II en:User talk:EBot II Contribs Bot
English Wikipedia en:User:EBot III en:User talk:EBot III Contribs Bot
English Wikipedia en:User:EBot IV en:User talk:EBot IV Contribs Bot
English Wikipedia en:User:EFixBot en:User talk:EFixBot Contribs Bot
English Wikipedia en:User:ENewsBot en:User talk:ENewsBot Contribs Bot
English Wikipedia en:User:HBC AIV helperbot5 en:User talk:HBC AIV helperbot5 Contribs Bot