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Indic Wikisource Helpdesk[edit]

Indic Wikisource Helpdesk have been formed to help Indic Wikisource users. We have different help/discussion channels on different platforms like Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, whats-apps, etc. But we realized that we should have a centralized platform for discussing/helping about Indiuc Wikisource. That's we have created Indic Wikisource Helpdesk in January 2019. CIS-A2K also set up dedicated discussion Indic Wikisource Helpdesk for Indic Wikisource communities for discussing Wikisource-related topics as a place to get quick help.CIS-A2K has resolved/discussed 3 issues last year from January 2020 to December 2020. People are still more comfortable asking for help in many chat/messenger that posting their queries at Indic Wikisource Helpdesk. So we have not archived all those discussions as an open platform. There also someone to one help session that happens last six months. Indic Wikisource Helpdesk, regularly follow up, answered, and closed.

Indic Wikisource Community, mailing list and newsletter[edit]

Indic Wikisource Community have been formed to accumulate the showcase activities of Indic Wikisource users. As the Indic Wikisource community gradually growing shape, its needs a central space to activities and work. For this purpose, we have created Indic Wikisource Community mailing list and facebook group Two newsletters have been published in April-June 2020 and July-September 2020. The newsletter will be published in quarterly.


National Digital Library of India collaboration[edit]

WMF,CIS-A2K and National Digital Library of India (NDLI) sign up for a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in February 2020 after several meetings for an operational framework and an action plan for the next two academic years.


NDLI is a central government project under the Ministry of Human Resource Development that aims to collect metadata and provide full-text index from several national and international digital libraries, as well as other relevant sources. It also functions as a digital repository of textbooks, articles, videos, audiobooks, lectures, simulations, etc. The huge resource, it contains, can be useful to enrich Wikimedia projects in various ways. Also, integrating Wikisource and Wikidata contents into NDLI websites will bring more visibility and attention to the projects

When and where?

1st Engagement of Wiki Communities with NDLI
After signing up in February 2020, in March this year, a lockdown imposed by the central Govt. So we haven't follow-ups up to November 2020 except for one meeting. On 1st December we have organized one online webinar on the Zoom platform. On the events of the Webinar total of 20 number, Indian Wikimedia users participated including Prof Partha Pratim Das, Prof Nanda Gopal Chattopadhyay, Prof Vignesh Sornamohan. The session was hosted on the Zoom platform 3 hr long. In the session, we have discussed a different aspect of the engagement, a summary of the tripartite MoU between NDLI, CIS, and WMF, an overview of NDLI, Some NDLI contents which the Wikimedia community useful, Modality/process of integrating Wikisource contents in NDLI, Translation of English contents in the Indian language of NDLI site.


Indic Wikisource Proofreadthon[edit]

CIS-A2K conducted two number all India level online Indic Wikisource Proofreadthon in May 2020 and November 2020 on Wikisource to enhance the skills, awareness, and encourage to works on Wikisource of Indian language Wikisource contributors. This was ten and fifteen days Online Proofreadthon in May 2020 and November 2020 respectively, where the participants contested among their language-specific an all-India basis.

We have 12 Indic language base Wikisource but all communities don't have any experience with the online Proofreadthon and never organized such things. So CIS-A2K conducted the all India level online Proofreadthon to support the community to grow the same level to others. But every language community has a different quality standard as per their policies. Most of the community are in infant level compare to others in respect to proofreading ( MOS of layout and check the error of OCR output). So this online edit-thon has helped the community to compare with other quality and rectify to set the proper Wikisource standard.

When and where?
This was an online contest.


November 2020 Proofreadthon

From the past May 2020 edit-thon experience, we announced the new format for this session. One, we have increased to 10 winners from each community because not encourage between the interlanguage community rat-race. Two, set the minimum threshold point 350 to get any prize. Each community selected the books to be Proofread by the 280 participants. Total of 372 books proofread in this edithon/contest. A total of 50771 pages and 27566 pages was proofread and validated respectively. Below the statistics graph of the contest. In this contest total 12 Indic Wikisource community participated out of 12.


  1. There is only one tool, still in developing stage contest tools called indic-wscontest. and another wscontest tool not working properly. So it is so difficult to show and compare the running stats and progress of each community.
  1. Before November 2020 edit-thon, The IndicTechTeam developed/improvised a good contest tool that is workable for the contest. But still their some issue we are facing.
    1. The stats are not updated spontaneously ( as other Wikipedia contest tool like [fountain] works), because Wikisource data schema
  1. Co-ordination between 10 language communities is too complex in nature.



Indic Wikisource Clinic[edit]

Indic Wikisource Clinic have been formed to help and resolve Indic Wikisource users with their technical issues.The first clinic was held with one video meeting conducted by CIS-A2K team.User:Sushant savla and User:Vijay Barot ( from on behalf of Gujarati Wikisource Community) User:Jayprakash12345 ( On behalf of IndicTechCom Team) ,User:Jayanta (CIS-A2K) on 28th October 2020. The task have been documented at task T266699.