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CommonsP&E Dashboard

Program story[edit]

Faculdade Cásper Líbero junior undergraduates in Social Communications have created and substantially improved entries on museums in the Greater São Paulo on Wikipedia in Portuguese. In this program, they have also taken pictures of museums they have written on. This is to date one of the largest education programs that was ever set up in Brazil.

Read a report on Wikimedia Outreach, at the Education Newsletter:

Output features
  • 143 editors enrolled (136 new editors)
  • 368 articles edited
  • 31 articles created (no article was eliminated)
  • 2,449,783 bytes added in 5,162 edits
  • 1,104 Commons uploads (use rate: ~50%)
  • 1.03M article views[1]


Museu Paulista GLAM initiative[edit]

The Museu Paulista of the University of São Paulo (commonly known as Museu do Ipiranga) is one of the largest and best known Brazilian museums.

Objective Mid-point outcome Comment Reference
200-500 image upload 149 high-resolution image upload The pilot has been successful. We are facing technical challenge and as funding has not been made available we are lacking training to deal with specific database the museum uses. [1]
150 articles created or improved in Portuguese Images are used in 252 articles / 13 articles were created, 649 articles were edited on topics pertaining to this GLAM initiative As discussed with Alex Stinson (GLAM/WMF), the connection of an education program and a GLAM initiative could become a reference case-study for the global community. [2][3]
at least 150 new users registered onto the projects 151 new users registered As expected. [4]
at least 70 audio files uploaded to the Commons, providing an audio description of paintings (as part of education program and outreach activity) Not done yet In process, with support from the educational team of Museu Paulista
one edit-a-thon, to be held in September, during the celebration of the Independence of Brazil (as part of outreach activity) Not done As we have not received funding on time this activity had to be cancelled
at least 6 media pieces on the GLAM initiative one media piece As we have not received funding we were unable to develop a professional strategy for outreach. A major magazine has anyway done a special issue on our work. [5]

Museu da Educação e do Brinquedo[edit]

This initiative was cancelled, as the museum is temporarily closed, as the university building where it is located has major cracks, which put the public at risk.[2]

Unexpected outcomes on GLAMs[edit]

  • Launch of a totem with a video presenting the UG GLAM initiative with the Museum of Veterinary Anatomy.[3][4]


Faculdade Cásper Líbero education program[edit]

The current education program associated to Faculdade Cásper Líbero is strictly associated to the Museu Paulista GLAM initiative.

P&E Dashboard training[edit]

The UG has led the pilot launching of new functionalities of the P&E Dashboard.[5] In association with Sage Ross, from the Wiki Edu Foundation, the UG has been able to enable automated edits associated to programs and events on Wikipedia in Portuguese. The UG has also been in touch with the French community to have these functionalities enabled on Wikipedia in French.

The UG has been active in the report of bugs and the request of improvements on the P&E Dashboard, in direct liaison with Sage Ross.

The expected training on the P&E Dashboard will be produced once funding of the Simple APG is received.

Unexpected outcomes in education[edit]

  • Partnership with Anisio Teixeira Institute to present Wikipedia in Education programs in two sessions.[6][7][8][9]
  • Support of UNICAMP-Profis education program on Basic Physics. Instructor was recruited in outreach activity organized by UG in March, with around 100 students.[10]

Community engagement[edit]

Enlightening talks[edit]

Expected outcomes were two talks. Funding for these activities have been provided out-of-pocket by UG volunteers, expecting to be reimbursed in the context of the Simple APG.

  • Wikidata Lab I

The UG Wikimedia in Brazil together with NeuroMat promoted in São Paulo the event "Wikidata Lab I: how to fill info-boxes automatically. The training is part of a sequence of activities designed to improve the integration between Wikidata and Wikipedia in Portuguese. Read more here, here and the photos are here.

  • Wikidata Lab II

Both Wikidata Labs II and III are already scheduled and properly announced at the proper page on Read more here.

  • Wikidata Lab III

Both Wikidata Labs II and III are already scheduled and properly announced at the proper page on Read more here.


General outreach[edit]


Expected outcomes are seven edit-a-thons. Funding for these activities have been paid for out-of-pocket by UG volunteers, expecting to be reimbursed in the context of the Simple APG.


Photo walks[edit]

As funding has not been made available yet, these activities have not taken place yet. We plan to run the first one next month, in November.

Internal communication outreach[edit]

Unexpected outcomes in general outreach[edit]

  • A talk on Connecting Wikipedia and the University at Unicamp, on of the main universities in Brazil and Latin America.[15]
  • A talk on the use of Wikimedia projects in disseminating science at Internet Society Forum.[16]
  • A talk on the use of Wikipedia in disseminating knowledge on the cultural heritage at São Paulo City Hall.[17]


So far, administrative and activity expenses have been covered out-of-pocket by UG volunteers, expecting to be reimbursed when funding is made available.

Total spending (BRL R$)
Snacks and beverage (edit-a-thons / community engagement) 1,210
Dissemination ressources (edit-a-thons / community engagement) 1,030
Location for events 400
Transportation to/from activities 320
Promotional material 180
Administrative costs 700

More information[edit]

A full report of the UG Wikimedia in Brazil set of activities in 2017 is available on the 2017 report of activities, on meta.