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Content Partnerships Hub

Improving the Wikimedia movement’s work with content partners

Partnerships with international organisations


The Thematic hub is investing more resources in developing high value content partnerships with intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), such as UN agencies, as well as international non-governmental organizations (INGOs). These organizations have an enormous amount of high impact knowledge and content from all across the world, in many languages and valuable expertise – that so far has been underutilized in the Wikimedia movement as these partnerships do not fit neatly into traditional responsibilities.

Collaborate with us


We want to cooperate globally with Wikimedia organisations and individuals to develop and support partnerships with with international organisations and their local offices. this includes international initiatives, such as WikiGap. Having formal partnerships supports other Wikimedia organizations and community members to work with the organization. We are exploring how the movement can work together with international organisations. The success of partnerships depends on connections, trust and the success of collaborations e.g how widely content is being used across Wikimedia platforms.

There are many kinds of work that can be done with international organisations. If you work for an organization and are interested in sharing your content on Wikipedia we would love to hear from you partnershipswikimedia.se.

Our current work

  • Add links to content
  • Create nice gallery

Through our work in the last years we have numerous opportunities for partnerships with UN agencies and other IGOs and are continuing to scale these efforts to bring more content to the Wikimedia platforms. We are focussing on content partnerships around health, gender and different emergencies.



List of projects

Organisation (with linked Phabricator task) Outcomes
Encyclopedia of Life
  1. Release of 28 million species descriptions (2 million x 14 languages) under CC0
  2. Exploring how we can share their data, images and descriptions on Wikimedia projects
European Investment Bank
  1. Supporting their Wikipedian in Residence to share content on knowledge on Wikipedia
  2. First upload of graphics and photographs
  1. Supporting them to share text and graphics from their publications
  2. First group of graphics shared
United Nations Environment Programme
  1. Released their 9 flagship publications and all graphics under an open license and upload to Commons
  2. Exploring possible work with their publishing team
  1. Set up first short term Wikipedian in Residence position
  2. Sharing text and graphics from their publications
  3. Shared photos from their collection
UNESCO archives
  1. Mass upload of content from their collections
World Bank
  1. Creating project plan for future work with their publishing team
World Health Organization
  1. Exploring possible work with their publishing team
  1. Exploring how to build upon their previous 6 years of collaborating with Wikipedia
  1. Creating project plan for future work with their publishing team
UN Women
  1. Exploring possible work with their staff
  2. First graphics uploaded to Commons
International Energy Agency IEA
  1. Creating project plan for future work with their publishing team
UN Secretariat
  1. Exploring possible work with their publishing team
  1. Exploring how to use content they've shared under an open license