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I used to maintain some work and personal material here: my home page at

Some academic interests:

  • Computation, Mathematical Modelling, Systems Theory
  • Economics: History, Art, Industrialisation
  • Technology, Software
  • Politics

Some geographical interests:

  • New Zealand, Maori affairs, integration, immigration
  • Italy
  • Arabian Peninsular and Islam

Here is a link to the Userid at en.wikipedia

This wikipedia project is pretty interesting, who knows where it is going,...which is why I created this page in the wikipedia, though it got re-located to the meta project:

Probably the only thing that we can guess at is that in 12 years time, 2016, we will find it difficult to imagine how we coped today, and even more so for back in 1992.

Regards. Jonathan - 23 February 2004 (yes I still write dates: I am not used to this History concept!