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Templates, Tools and Bots

Simplify contest coordination and improve participant experience by featuring important information on event pages, using categorization bots and tools to track participation.

•Create contest event pages that will attract and delight your participant

Good event pages are especially important for photography contests because they attract a large number of new users who have very limited knowledge of how Wikimedia works. It is important to create an event page for your contest that will both help people get the information they need as well as provide a collaboration space to set and achieve achieve shared goals.

•Use tools to gather and manage lists of images needed

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Participant Support

Improve contest or program participation by focusing on promotion, and plan events or provide resources that will help participants increase the diversity and improve the quality of images they capture.

• Choose the best promotion strategy to reach your target audience

Good promotion is a key element of success for photo contests because, often, the goal is to reach new users, especially those with strong photography skills.

Reach New Users:

Reach Active Wikipedians:

• Motivate and support program and contest participants online

Use a Statboard: to encourage healthy competition.

Provide participants with photography tips and guidelines:

• Host offline events to help participants meet community goals

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Grow an active community of photographers

Photography contests often attract talented photographers who may not have contributed content to Wikimedia before. Plan programs and events that will motivate talented photographers to continue adding valuable images to Commons.

• Keep in touch with contest participants

Photo contests and events are a great way to reach new contributors, but they may need extra encouragement to become part of your community.

• Develop programs to give photographers access to equipment and events
• Help photographers develop their skills

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