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Welcome to the world of

Hay, I´m Kalajan, and I'm here to help wikipedia in the best way I can. You can contact me here if you want to speak privately:


Private stuff[edit]


The way I can contribute to wikipedia[edit]

I specialise on finding grammar mistakes and correcting them, also adding information to WWE wrestling that other people haven't seen or have been too lazy to put it down. Vandals disgust me, specially vandals that do it for fun, I mean, being a vandal for a strike or protest isn't as bad but...

I am currently working on: The Legacy, and HBK Shawn Michaels.

WikiFriends (feel free to add yourself)[edit]

My Sig moves[edit]

  • As Cf Turbo
    • Ripper
    • Frog splash from ground
  • As Cid-Fuentes
    • Ripper (cutter)
    • Tsunami chokeslam
    • Bull power (slam piledriver)
    • Series of technical moves

Original Kalajan sayings[edit]

  • I'm going off to smash up a wall with a sledgehammer; I'm going off to write swears in capital letters on microsoft word
  • Drop the hammer!; Stay civil
  • Kick the hammer out the shed; Drop the uncivilness
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