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VisualEditor on 24 September[edit]

Greetings from the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia editors. I am posting to let you know about the VisualEditor editing interface. It is a new, visual way to edit Wikipedia. We would like to deploy VisualEditor on this Wikipedia soon, and we would like to get editors' opinions on the new platform.

To test VisualEditor, you can enable it by going to "Preferences" "Editing" → "Enable VisualEditor". After doing this, you will see two options for editing an article. We welcome your feedback, and would like to know about any problems or "bugs" experienced on ???.wiki. It is also important that VisualEditor's buttons and labels are translated into ???, along with several important help documents. If you have English skills, you can help out at and VisualEditor's TranslationCentral on You must have an account on to translate.

We expect to enable VisualEditor here on Tuesday, 24 September unless there are any critical bugs with your particular Wikipedia that you find during testing. Enabling VisualEditor here for everyone will help the software to be developed and improved to meet the needs of all users. After the rollout the new editor will be displayed side-by-side with the button to edit using wikitext. Once VisualEditor is enabled you will have the option to disable it in your preferences so that you will no longer see it while it is in beta testing. We hope that you do not chose to do that because it would limit the opportunities to find out how we can make VisualEditor better for the XX Wikipedia. The option to edit using wikitext will not be going away. Thank you for your comments, and happy editing,