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When you reply me[edit]

Most pages aren't on my watchlist and I may not notice the reply, so if you have any content addressed to me, you'd better do one of the following:

  • Please mention using a template such as {{ping}} on that page.
Be sure to sign. Please note that I will not receive the mention unless you sign it.
Templates are called differently depending on the project. If you don't know it, you can copy and paste my signature and use it on when you should use that template, but don't move or delete it.
If you still don't get a reply, please comment on my talk page with the reply location.
  • Please comment on my talk page.
Look for my talk page in that project.
My signature has a link to the talk page, so please use that to go to my talk page and comment.
In most cases, you can go to my talk page by entering User talk:LaMagiaaa in the search field of the page you need.
Some projects use Structured Discussions (Chinese Wikipedia is an example). Please comment on other projects only if they are bugged and unavailable.