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Hello! Thank you for reaching out my userpage. My real name is Loh Shi San, and currently living at Kedah, Malaysia. I usually contribute to the English Version of Wikipedia but I did contribute to the Malay version of Wikipedia. Although, I can speak chinese fluently but, I don’t think I’m able to contribute because my standard of writing in chinese were not as good as an average person.

About Me[edit]

I was born on 25 June 2004 and I’m a male currently living at Kulim, Kedah. Currently, I’m studying at SMJK Chio Min, a public high school or secondary school. Prior enrolling to high school, I studyed at SJK (C) Hwa Min. I have a pet dog, an older sister and an older brother. I have a pet Doberman which name Polo. I’m an avid exerciser, which means I work out everyday and exercise using a treadmill. My height was average for a 17 years old which is 5 feet & 9 inches or 175cm.

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What Did I contribute to Wikipedia?[edit]

What triggers me to join Wikipedia was to update the net worth of individuals. I’ve updated net worth of the world top 70 Richest by using Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Sadly, the “net_worth” parameter were soon deprecated.Well, it does not stop me to continue contributing to Wikipedia. Nowdays, I’m editing articles of public trading companies, which I update the financial informations of these companies such as Revenue, Operating Income, Net Income, Assets and Total Equity.

My Personal Opinion[edit]

I’m concern about human rights around the world and including my current regions. I’m a supporter for the LGBT community. I don’t see any wrong if someone is gay, although it was illegal in my country. I am also an anti-monarchist. I believe everyone should be treated equally based on their status, gender or skin colour. I’m also an avid environmentalist. I did encourage my classmates to pratice recycling and telling them about the environment crisis. Moreover, I’m a left minded person which mean I supported President Biden and any political party with left-wing ideology. I’m against any form of racism. As I said this is my personal opinion, most of the racism is caused by a goverment. Finally, I believe that religion should not involve in politics.

In the nutshell[edit]

I’m just a person that hope the world will become a better place and global warming can be prevented. I rarely used Wikimedia so I will just take a look once a month.

Where you can find me?[edit]

User:LohShiSan2004 - My English Wikipedia account which is currently active.