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This is my program for the Wikimania 2019. Don't hesitate to contact me (here or on twitter) if you want to meet me ! I have lots of lacks in my agenda.

By default, I will be on Wikitongues session (to convert them at Lingua Libre)... :D

Thursday 15[edit]

I'm on Hackathon but I think I will don't developp lots of things (next to 0, in mine mind), so I will glad to meet people ! ;)

Friday 16 August[edit]


Like every one! :)

13h - 13h30

Behind the scenes of the Odia Wikipedia how-to video tutorials - Södra Huset : Ebadi

14h - 14h30

Ensuring visibility for your country's GLAM institutions on the Wikimedia projects - Södra Huset : Ostrom

15h - 15h30

How to sustain your language online - Södra Huset : Maathai

16h15 - 17h

Advancing Minority Languages through Wikimedia projects in Educational Settings - Allhuset : Yousafzai

17h - 20h

Welcome Reception

20h - 21h

Meet-up Wiktionary - Clarion Hotel Amaranten : Room Ray

21h - 22h

Lingua Libre Meetup - Clarion Hotel Amaranten : Room Janis

Saturday 17 August[edit]

9h30 - 10h

ConLangs in Wikimedia: From dreams to reality - Södra Huset : Menchú

10h - 10h30

QUIPU: Quechua Language based Knowledge Graph - Södra Huset : Menchú

10h30 - 11h

The difficulties of Wikipedias in languages that are not taught in school - Södra Huset : Menchú

11h30 - 12h15

Why indigenous languages matter more (now) and what we can do for them - Södra Huset : Menchú

12h15 - 13h

Australian Indigenous language on Wikipedia - Södra Huset : Menchú

15h - 15h30

Wikidata lexemes - Södra Huset : Menchú

16h - 16h45

LinguaLibre - Södra Huset : Menchú I do the conference, don't forget to come !!

16h45 - 17h30

Luganda Wikipedia - Södra Huset : Menchú

17h30 - 19h

POSTER SESSION & BBQ - in the Allhuset

Sunday 18 August[edit]

9h30 - 10h15

Translate and : challenges of software translation - Södra Huset : Menchú

10h20 - 12h

Recording room - 6th floor of Aula Magna

12h - 12h30

Wikispeech - making Wikipedia accessible through speech technology - Södra Huset : Menchú

12h30 - 13h

Reviving the wiki in your language - Södra Huset : Menchú

14h - 14h30

A wealth of opportunities hiding in plain sight - Södra Huset : Menchú

14h45 - 15h30

How to include oral culture in Wikimédia movement? - Södra Huset : Lessing

16h - 17h30

Closing session

20h - ?

Closing party - Nordic Museum