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01 COLORS[edit]

→ Edward's link

02 TEMPLATES [edit]

Help on creating templates
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Movement affiliates nav bar
:en:wp:Useful Styles
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Template:Evalmeasures Measures for Evaluation templates (all in the Template:Evalmeasures/ namespace) by amazing Edward.

CSS Attributes

→ Templates created by María[edit]

Programs Toolkit
Programs Report
Rquote 2 (because we need color)


Learning Pattern Library[edit]

Wikimania Survey results[edit]

Wikimedia Conference[edit]

Programs Toolkit[edit]

First Demo
Second Demo
Live version
Template for LPs back to toolkit
Education graphic resources.

Inspire Campaign support[edit]

Program Reports[edit]

Design aspects[edit]



Storytelling toolkit[edit]

Learning Campaign: Community Health[edit]

Community Capacity Development Framework[edit]

L&E Workshop Kits[edit]

Consultation Tool[edit]

Impact Reports[edit]

PC&L portal[edit]

First draft on Edward's Snadbox

Communication Movement Skills[edit]

Learning Day WMCON 2016 Certificate[edit]

Global Metrics Consultation - Stage 2[edit]

Wikimedia Resource Center[edit]

  • Important templates:
  • Help Intro Sidetab: this template will serve to modify color and stroke of the tab]]
  • WRC Tabs: this are the tabs we will be using in the hub.
  • WRC top: this is the bounding box.

Test Rapid Grant at WCI 2016[edit]

CE Insights 201617 Report[edit]

Unified nagivation test[edit]

Program coordinator outreach banner[edit]