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User:MCruz (WMF)/Sandbox/Consultation Tool/Audience

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Contribute what you know about running consultations in your community.
Make your edits between the <onlyinclude> tags, and it will be included in the Consultation tool automatically.

  • Reach out to people who have real experience with the subject you want information about. If you request broad input from everyone, you may not get information you can use to define next steps.
  • Who is most likely to be affected by any changes you make as a result of the consultation? These are your stakeholders, and part of your consultation's goal should be to engage them in the consultation. For example, contribution count might be an effective criterion for selecting people to reach out to, or to send a survey to for private feedback. For example, users with over 10 edits on Wikiproject:Women in Architecture may be stakeholders in your consultation about women biographies.