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Contribute what you know about running consultations in your community.
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  • Follow your plan to analyze the qualitative feedback. You may be using qualitative coding if you have a large number of responses, and your coding should focus on the information that you need to get from the consultation. Consider how you will handle repetitive responses or multiple responses from the same participant. Be sure all analysts agree on any codes used in advance.
  • Follow your plan to analyze any quantitative feedback relevant to your consultation. If your consultation includes this, you will have planned how to do this during your consultation with survey experts during the planning phase.
  • Include other relevant information and resources to reinforce your analysis. For example, past surveys on relevant topics.
  • Focus on actionable suggestions. Having clear suggestions to act upon after the consultation starts when designing the content of the consultation: make sure you work towards getting information you can act on from the beginning of the project.