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Education Program

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Planning your program

Starting or growing a Wikimedia education program does not take extensive research. Teaching students around the world to contribute to Wikimedia projects over the last ten years has taught Wikimedia volunteers and educators many valuable lessons about planning and growing successful education programs. This section will prepare program leaders and educators to do the following:

Partnerships and participants

Education programs have a high potential for meaningful impact for students, educators, and Wikimedia users and editors. Students may benefit in many ways: research and writing skills, information and media literacy. Their contributions benefit Wikimedia projects and users around the world. Clear and transparent partnerships with education institutions and the community can do a lot for programs to gain traction in a local context. This section includes tips for how to:

Finding resources for your programs
If you partner with an education institution that has space, equipment and internet access to train students, you can start a successful education program with very few additional resources. In fact, educators often become interested in using Wikimedia in the classroom because it is a low-cost way to teach students important skills. In this section you learn how to get the resources you need, such as:

Designing for growth
Good news travels fast. After you have completed a successful classroom collaboration there is a good chance that other educators will want to work with you.