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  • The person creates badly translated articles; typically the "translation" still contains English words
  • Quite a number of the creations are getting deleted by local admins, Example: mnwiki. In other cases, users capable of the language corrected the automatic translations.
  • The person also sometimes creates other badly-translated articles (to divert attention?), e.g. here: hsbwiki article about Stalin (the Sung Jae-ki article there was deleted), oc:Park Jung-yang, jv:Park Jung-yang, qu:Park Jung-yang; seems to like creating articles about dictators (Stalin, Hitler etc.) then [another example: rnwiki]
  • The accounts are easily recognizable by the weird distribution of edits over the wiki (nobody has fiu-vro, ko, so, gn and smwiki as the wikis with the most edits).
  • If both articles were created, usually one account per article was used


If you encounter this person, it's usually worthwhile to ask a steward (e.g. the creator of this page) to check him on loginwiki, since he usually creates multiple accounts at once.