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Wikimedia's new Terms of Use, which went into effect on May 25th, 2012, granted the Wikimedia community the right to craft a policy on global bans:

Especially problematic users who have had accounts or access blocked on multiple Project editions may be subject to a ban from all of the Project editions, in accordance with the Global Ban Policy. In contrast to Board resolutions or these Terms of Use, policies established by the community, which may cover a single Project edition or multiple Projects editions (like the Global Ban Policy), may be modified by the relevant community according to its own procedures.

Since October 2011, Wikimedia staff and community members have been constructing a draft Global Bans policy, and in June 2012, the Wikimedia community participated in the first request for comment on the draft (Requests_for_comment/Global_bans). Unfortunately, the community failed to achieve clear consensus during that discussion.

The first request for comment only presented three options, including one option that some contended was invalided. This second request for comment was created in order to present more topics and options to discuss. By presenting more questions, this request for comment will hopefully make it easier to determine which solutions and approaches that the community agrees with.

Question 1[edit]

Should the Wikimedia community be able to globally ban an user? Yes? No?

Question 2[edit]

Should individual wiki communities be permitted to unblock a globally banned user on their wiki if they have consensus? Yes? No?

Question 3[edit]

Should globally banned users be permitted to request to be unbanned? Yes? No?

Question 4[edit]

Should globally banned users be permitted to participate in discussions about unbanning them? Yes? No?

Question 5[edit]

Should globally banned users be permitted to appoint an user, who is not blocked or banned on Meta, to speak for them as a proxy? Yes? No?

Question 6[edit]

What should be the minimum number of wikis an user is banned from / indefinitely blocked on before being considered for a global ban? Two (the current minimum in the draft proposal)? Three? Four? Other?

Question 7a[edit]

Do you agree with the following statement: Before !voting in a global ban discussion may begin, the user being considered on a global ban must be given a fair opportunity to present a counter-argument in his or her defense. Yes? No?

Question 7b[edit]

If the global bans policy were to include the statement from Question 8a, what should the maximum "fair opportunity" duration be? One week? Two weeks? Other?

Question 8[edit]

How long should the !voting phase of a global ban discussion last? One week? Two weeks? One month? Other?

Question 9a[edit]

Should there be a maximum limit to how long an user may be banned?

Question 9b[edit]

If the global bans policy were to include a maximum limit to how long an user may be banned, what should be that maximum limit? Two years? Three years? Four years? Other?

Question 10[edit]

Should a global interaction ban be offered as an alternative to a global ban? Yes? No?

Question 11[edit]

Should a global topic ban be offered as an alternative to a global ban? Yes? No?

Discussion / additional proposals[edit]