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This is a community page that has emerged from the project Minority Translate. However, its main aim is to focus our common interests, and perhaps allow us to build a knowledge base on the topics of language vitality and revitalization in the digital domain. If you know of a similar wiki existing elsewhere please refer it here too. Meanwhile, we have tried to gather the links on some sources.

Due to time-constraints, this Wiki is initially not very well developed, but hopefully we can gather the information and sources we are aware of in time, and collectively. You are very welcome to contribute, and we hope that this wiki provides the necessary opportunities for it. On gathering the knowledge, the connection with the tool itself is only tentative, and we believe that gathering knowledge on our common interest can generally help in creating these and other tools and solution to help with digital language vitality and revitalization.

Minority Translate is a tool for helping smaller sized Wikipedias grow (actually any sized) by helping to show existing articles from any other languages. The user can translate or adapt the material and quickly increase the size and useability of their Wikipedia language edition.
Link: Minority Translate webpage

Pages with similar aims:

  • Wikimedia Indigenous Languages Meta page. Wikimedia Indigenous Languages (WIL) is the coordinating body for the promotion and development of indigenous languages on Wikimedia projects. Does not seem very active as of recent.
  • Endangered a public repository for resources on endangered languages and language revitalization.


At the moment it stores the following.

Suggestion lists to curate and customize the articles provided in the application.

Community Wiki to gather information on minority language revitalization.

A Public Forum to give us feedback on the application, technical or otherwise, and for public responses.