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Should we put a question on his talk page under a link to an executive summary of what we propose to prototype for projXuserwiki? Something like below only polished and concise with links to further information.

Hi Jimbo, I am new to wikipedia but learning fast through assertive exploration and participation. I am discussing with some friends (open/free developers from the Advogato community, I am user mirwin there as well) the possibility of using user administered wikis to provided better support to project user communities.

A potential problem of course is the old standby of most users have dialup access, leaving them with no way to provide the 24/7 service required for a successful ProjXUserCommunityWiki.

Is the wikicity concept that you reference in the FAQ (insert link here) going to be available soon? Would you like to work collaboratively with us to collect some market research data applicable to the concept?

I believe there could be good synergies for Wikipedia in that this would start to train a large cross section of users in interactive wiki technology. Reducing their initial learning curve when they are referred to wikipedia for further information on a particular subject.

Our iniitial experiment page to guage interest is at meta.wikipedia, entry point at user:mirwin

For further background and information you could review these links

Put advogato article here

Links to Grumpy diary entries expressing concern over the appication of the FDL and GPL here?

Links to wikipedia community and tech discussion archives wishing for additional developers to accelerate implementation of user requested features .... particularly the math Tex? interface and the FDL tracking logistics.

One project that could specifically use this type of assistance is apparently OpenOffice, since it is aimed at desktop users who typically do not wish to do their own debugging. By setting up a successful userwiki to assist the developers there we (Wikipedia community) could gain exposure to a wide variety of users of varying background (Fertile ground for alerting future wikipedians to the existence of the project of their unexpressed yearnings to contribute to publishing an online free summary of all human knowledge.) It would also provide the underlying GPL technology project (Magnas PhpScript named yet?) some visibility to many potential open/free developers. Knowledgeable developers who might pitch in to alleviate their own usercommunity's problems. user:mirwin