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Milica Ikonić Nešić
Milica Ikonić Nešić
assistent at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology

About me

I am a mathematician with M.Sc. in the Theoretical Mathematics and Applications. I am teacher assistant at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology, Library and Information Science Department. My fields of research are mathematics, NLP, computational linguistics, machine learning and deep learning applied to development of tools, resources and models for the Serbian language

My work

I am active Serbian Wikipedia editor 2 years (2020-2022). I am currently working on Wikimedia project on editing +100 novels from period 1820-1940. I participate in the Wikimedia movement because I want to expand knowledge bases and to help that knowledge be free for everyone. I am truly Wikipedian .

Contact me

Use the Wikipedia email to contact me!


  1. Wikimedia Central Eastern European Meeting-2021

Articles Published in Journals[edit]

  1. Milica Ikonić Nešić, Ranka Stanković, and Biljana Rujević. Serbian ELTeC Sub-Collection in Wikidata. Infotheca - Journal for Digital Humanities, 21(2), 2021. URL

Papers / Conference talks[edit]

  1. Branislava Šandrih Todorović, Cvetana Krstev, Ranka Stanković, and Milica Ikonić Nešić. Serbian NER&Beyond: The Archaic and the Modern Intertwinned. In RANLP 2021: Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing Methods and Applications, pages 1252–1260. INCOMA Ltd., September 2021. URL


WikiELTeC is a project Wikimedia Serbia and Society for Language Resources and Technology JeRTeh conceived to present old Serbian novels from the ELTeC collection in 2022 to Wikidata. The project includes input, linking of named entities, visualization and analysis of entered Wikidata. One of the most important goals of this action is the preparation of a multilingual corpus (called the European Literary Text Collection - ELTeC) which, when fully completed, will contain 100 novels first published in period 1840-1920 for each language from the action.