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This will allow users to use an <interwiki>Something</interwiki> tag, which will produce a table with all links from the 'interwiki' mysql table with the attached Something as query string. A contribution to wikilandia networking.

#  Interwiki Mediawiki extension
# display interwiki links  using an <interwiki> tag.
# reads from interwiki mysqltable and adds the
# word in the interwiki tag to all URLs as query string
# by mutante 24.04.2005

$wgExtensionFunctions[] = "wfInterwikiExtension";

function wfInterwikiExtension() {
global $wgParser;
$wgParser->setHook( "interwiki", "renderInterwiki" );

function renderInterwiki( $input ) {

$input = mysql_escape_string($input);

$hd = mysql_connect("localhost", "wikiuser", "password") or die ("Unable to connect");
mysql_select_db ("wikidb", $hd) or die ("Unable to select database");
$res = mysql_query("SELECT * from interwiki", $hd) or die ("Unable to run query");
$output="<table border='1'><tr><th colspan='2'>Interwiki-Links for '$input'</th></tr>";
while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($res))
$prefix = $row["iw_prefix"];
$url = $row["iw_url"];
$url = substr($url, 0, -2);
$uurl = $url . $input;
$output.="<tr><td><a href=\"$uurl\">$prefix:$input</a></td></tr>";
$output.="<tr><td>S23-Automatic Interwiki-Link Generator - $count links generated.</td></tr></table>";

return $output;