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A User Guide to Nikki Nikkhoui

Availability: M-F 8ish-5ish (happy to meet outside those hours though)

Location/Timezone: New York, NY, EST

Preferred Name: Nikki

How to talk to me: Slack, Email, IRC (preferred in that order)

(Optional) Pronouns: She/Her

(Optional) Things I like:

  • Pair programming/real-time collaboration
  • Exercise
  • Non-vague terminology
  • Constructive criticism (even if unsolicited)
  • Someone explaining a new concept to me as if I'm a 2 year old
  • Always assuming positive intent
  • Off-sites/All Hands meetings, being around everyone really re-energizes me

(Optional) Things I’m bad at:

  • I can pigeon hole myself in solutions
  • Staying laser focused on something I'm not 100% interested in, I can get sidetracked quickly

(Optional) Annoying things I do:

  • I say "woooo!", a lot.
  • Use too many filler words when asking a question
  • Read into things too much
  • Assume everyone is extroverted/likes human interaction and operates the same way I do

(Optional) Hot takes:

  • Airplane food is actually very good. Further, the entire flight experience is incredibly enjoyable. You get to sit, watch movies, and have someone bring you food and drinks. What's so bad about that?
  • Horoscopes have some truth to them
  • Icebreakers are SO FUN

(Optional) Anything else you should know about me:

  • Personal development and self improvement are incredibly important to me, I'm always happy to have a conversation with someone who has an idea of how I could improve myself in any way (code-wise, collaboration-wise, etc).