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User:Nettrom at Wikimania 2013, photo by Daniel Schwen, CC-BY-SA

Hello, I'm Nettrom (or Morten, if you like)! I contribute to Wikimedia projects in various ways: studying Wikipedia as a researcher, running SuggestBot, and sometimes editing articles.

When researching Wikipedia I focus on aspects of article quality. What does it mean for Wikipedia articles to be "high quality"? Can we build tools to help community members assess article quality? Does the community produce high-quality articles on topics that have large readership? In case you're wondering (and feel free to skip ahead if you don't), the short answers to those questions are: 1) they're reasonably long, cite reliable sources, and have some illustrations or images; 2) yes, I helped build a machine learning classifier for article quality that is accessible through the ORES API; 3) yes and no, there are many popular topics with room for improvement.

I enjoy research on all aspects of the Wikimedia projects, so you'll find me also working on other research projects, and every now and then I review some papers for the Wikimedia Research Newsletter.

I also run SuggestBot, a bot that can suggest articles for you to edit in one of seven languages (English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Persian, Swedish, and Norwegian). Using either your previous edits or a set of articles/categories, it'll find similar articles that are in need of improvement and suggest you a few dozens of them.

Lastly, you might find me editing articles, mainly on the English Wikipedia. These tend to be related to guitars, as that is one of my main spare time activities.

Research publications[edit]

Peer-reviewed papers about Wikipedia:

  • Warncke-Wang, M., Ranjan, V., Terveen, L., and Hecht, B. "Misalignment Between Supply and Demand of Quality Content in Peer Production Communities", ICWSM 2015. pdf See also: Signpost/Research Newsletter coverage
  • Warncke-Wang, M., Ayukaev, V. R., Hecht, B., and Terveen, L. "The Success and Failure of Quality Improvement Projects in Peer Production Communities", CSCW 2015. pdf
  • Warncke-Wang, M., Cosley, D., and Riedl, J. "Tell Me More: An Actionable Quality Model for Wikipedia", WikiSym, 2013. pdf
  • Warncke-Wang, M., Uduwage, A., Dong, Z., and Riedl, J. "In Search of the Ur-Wikipedia: Universality, Similarity, and Translation in the Wikipedia Inter-language Link Network", WikiSym, 2012. pdf

Personal account of a staff member disclaimer[edit]

I work for or provide services to the Wikimedia Foundation, but this is my personal account. Edits, statements, or other contributions made from this account are my own, and may not reflect the views of the Foundation.