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I have been a long time and beloved Vietnamese Wikipedia editor (since 2008) and an administrator on both Wikipedia and Wiktionary (also a crat). I'm mostly working over there in Vi Wikipedia. I'm one of the main contributors of multiple FAs and GAs in Vi Wikipedia + multiple high quality non-starred articles. I'm well-versed in English literature even though my job is more technical. Despite their big brains, humans are prone to mistakes occasionally. I happen to be one of them. My philosophy is that it's okay to make mistakes, just don't make a whole lot of them. All criticisms are welcomed and only when they contain valid & rational points. Everyone should come in a discussion with an open mind.

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Big fan of Dark series, the most complex and interesting TV series ever made about time travel. Currently, I'm translating it to Vi Wikipedia in my spared time. Although, progress has been slow.

Holocaust studies enthusiast, not an expert by any means.

Black Mirror and Rick & Morty are also my favorite shows.